Episode 30: Intuition

The Next Day.
The Spice Market.

Cassandra was away on vacation in Brindleton Bay visiting her parents. Against her better judgement, she brought Wolfgang along to meet them for the first time. Needless to say, she was more than ready to get back home. As soon as she arrived, she abducted her best friend to accompany her on her morning jog.

Camilla, exhausted: You leave for two whole months and your idea of catching up is forcing me to exercise? In the heat? I may need to rethink this friendship.
Cassandra: [laughs] After I rushed back to the city to get back to you? Oh no, you’re stuck with me now.
Camilla: [holds hand up] Too late. I’m done.
Cassandra: Alright, fine. We can walk the rest of the way.
Camilla: I may just give you another chance then.

They both laugh.

Camilla: So how did it go with Wolfgang and your parents?
Cassandra: [scoffs] That’s a long story we’ll need a few drinks for. Let’s talk about you instead. Is Salim still showering you in gifts? I bet your apartment is overflowing with all those cards and flowers by now. [laughs]
Camilla: It is! I had to start putting them in closets and stuff.
Cassandra: [laughs] That’s ridiculous.
Camilla: [laughs] It is ridiculous. [smiles] He’s sweet tho.

She paused for a second, pondering over that nagging feeling she had. He was sweet to her, all the time and he said he loved her, which she knew was true but there was still something she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

Camilla: Sometimes tho …
Cassandra: What?
Camilla: [sighs] I feel like he’s always apologizing for something, I can’t really explain it, it’s just like … like he’s always telling me how much he loves me and stuff but it’s the way he says it. 
Cassandra: Like something’s wrong?
Camilla: Yeah, like impending doom or something. I don’t know.
Cassandra: Well, do you feel like something’s wrong?
Camilla: No … not really, I mean, everything’s good. We’re good. It’s just that … every other boyfriend I’ve ever had was either a liar, a cheater, an asshole or a liar, cheater and an asshole.
Cassandra: Well he’s definitely not an asshole. You think he’s cheating?
Camilla: No, I seriously doubt that.
Cassandra: Lying?
Camilla: [shrugs] I don’t think so … I mean, I hope not. 
Cassandra: Maybe it’s nothing? You said all of your past relationships sucked so maybe paranoia is like your guard, your way of protecting yourself or something.
Camilla: Yeah … I think you’re right.

Author: India | Mellindi

Hey, I'm India! Long time simmer, wife, mama and tea enthusiast. I love writing stories inspired by my favorite sims and helping the community get creative with their games.

5 thoughts on “Episode 30: Intuition”

  1. No, she didn’t steal her story. First of all, the Mimi in San Myshuno is a Let’s Play on Youtube. The LP focuses on a young women name Mimi who recently moved to San Myshuno. She works in the social media career and has dreams of making it big in Del Sol Valley. At one party, She meets her celebrity crush, Tech Tycoon Dirk Dreamer, and they hit it off immediately. From there, it follows their love story, lavish lifestyle, family, and friends. Secondly, Camilla: Volume One – Impulse is a story that also follows a young woman who recently moved to a big city and new territory comes with new friends and challenges. She recently suffered a traumatic break-up and is trying to move on and start a new life. She is struggling with balancing her love, work, and home life. They don’t have the same career or goals. Camilla is currently a Mailroom Clerk but is working to become a Graphic Artist. It seems like troubles always follow her wherever she goes. She is a character that wants to change but can’t seem to shake her old habits. Does, this sound like similar stories to you? The only thing these two stories have in common is that they both focus on 20-something-year-old women moving to a new big city and having hot men fawning over them. Don’t create division between creators in an already separated community. Both creators are amazing storytellers and I only wish success and peace to them both!


    1. Sooooo… I’m working on another story (it’s not sim related) and like… can I hire you to write the blurb cuz this was a fantastic summary! In response to the original topic at hand, thanks for chiming in 🙂 I honestly felt no kind of way cuz… I’ve been around for a while, lol, but thanks for providing clarity for anyone else who may have been curious ♥


      1. I’m so sorry for the late response! I was having difficulties accessing Mellindi.com and saw on your Tumblr that you linked your WordPress. I hope all is well and that you feel much better. Thank you so much, reading it back I didn’t realize my comment kind of sounded like a summary 😆. I would be totally interested in writing that blurb for you! I hope I didn’t come off as rude.


    1. Hey! I don’t know anything about this story so I can’t speak to the similarities, but unfortunately theft does happens a lot in this community so you know… lol, but thanks for looking out 💗


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