Better Food and Cooking in Sims 4

A roundup of some of the best mods for food and cooking in the Sims 4. Features things like custom recipes, grocery shopping, preserve canning, autonomy fixes and better looking food!

Note for Beginners: If you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.

One of my most favorite things in life is food! From cooking shows to Pinterest recipes to art, I love it all. So I’m sure this comes as no surprise that I’m the same way with my sims which is why I’m always on the hunt for mods that makes their food prettier or cooking itself a little more interesting. In this post, we’ll discuss my favorite mods that makes food and cooking better in the Sims 4. You might want to get comfortable though, this is a long one. *This post will be updated continuously as I find more amazing mods to add to the list so remember to subscribe for updates!

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Cooking and Baking Mods
Cookbooks, Snacks and Serving Options
Custom Food Textures
Buyable Foods and Drinks

Cooking and Baking Mods

I like a little bit of realism when it comes to cooking for my sims. If you do too, take a look at the mods below that can do things like, add custom recipes to the game or even implement grocery shopping.

Custom Food Interactions by TheFoodGroup – this mod makes it possible to cook custom foods and adds recipes to the game. There are plenty of recipes that can be found within the download post itself but there is one creator whose recipe catalog is huge and worth mentioning on it’s own and that’s icy-spicy-scalpel.

  • icy-spicy-scalpel – has hundreds of custom recipes including cultural Indian dishes, holiday dishes and even custom harvestables that your sim and grow in their garden and use while cooking. She even has a custom canning station which is personally something I’ve always wanted in this game.

Custom Drink Interactions by TheFoodGroup – just like it’s sister mod above, it makes it possible to have custom drinks in your game. Drink options include non-alcoholic and alcoholic options. There are recipes linked in the download post and icy-spicy-scalpel has a large selection of drink recipes as well.

Grannie’s Cookbook by littlbowbubs – Just like the mods listed above this one adds custom recipes to the game but only requires a special cookbook, Grannie’s Cookbook, that can be placed in your sim’s house and passed down from generation to generation. As someone who is a legacy player, I find this adorable.

Ye Old Recipe Book by littlbowbubs – Another one of Jess’ creations that is solely for medieval recipes. Great for historical or even off-the-grid players.

No Required Recipe Ingredients by scarletqueenkat – if you want your sim to finally be able to make all those recipes that are usually grayed out for lack of ingredients, this mod removed the ingredient requirement for those recipes such as fried fish which requires your sim to have fish available to prepare the meal.

Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul by srslysims – this mod is gonna get you as close as you can get to grocery shopping in the Sims 4. Unfortunately, I don’t have this one installed as I use the No/All Required Recipe Ingredients mod instead so I can’t provide any personal insight but I’ve heard good things about this one.

Bake Cupcake Machine Items in Oven by emilypl27 – if you usually find yourself scrambling to make room for that clunky cupcake machine in your sim’s house or bakery, you’ll definitely want to check this one out. It takes all recipes from the machine and makes them bakeable in the oven. However, if you do like the idea of having the cupcake machine but need one that’s just a little smaller and cuter, check out the Smaller Cupcake Machine by esmeralda.

Juice Blender by plasticbox | updated by floppant – with this mod, your sims can use produce from their garden, such as: apples, grapes, carrots, etc … to make juices! It goes perfectly with breakfast and is non-fattening!

Healthy Drinks by littlemssam – does the same as the mod above except you can grab them straight from the refrigerator. No blending or additional appliances required!

Cookbooks, Snacks and Serving Options

Cookbooks, Cultural, Seafood and Jungle by littlemssam – adds buyable cookbooks to the game that can be purchased by your sim. After just a few sim hours, they will have learned all recipes from the City Living, Cats & Dogs and Jungle Adventure packs (depending on which ones you download) without having to try them all individually at food stalls and restaurants, adding so much more variety to meals at home.

More Serving Options and Better Mealtimes by littlemssam – this mod does a whole lot from providing additional serving sizes (meal for 2, for example) to re-categorizing dessert recipes and skill requirements to correspond with baking instead of cooking.

More Experimental Food Servings by littlemssam – adds additional servings options to experimental meals.

More Seafood Servings by littlemssam – adds additional servings options to seafood meals.

Food Related Mods by bienchen. Bienchen has a ton of mods that are useful in the cooking department that I recommend checking out. They can all be found on one page so I’ll list them all together below:

  • Faster Cooking (faster cooking)- reduces the number of unnecessary idles performed during cooking (randomly viewing a salt shaker while in the middle of scrambling eggs) to speed up the process
  • More Food At Bar (morefoodatbar) – expands the menus in bars
  • More Food at Cafe (morefoodatcafe) – expands the menus in cafes
  • Use More Ingredients (pboxupdated_usemoreingredients) – increases the amount of fresh ingredients required for cooking to make things a little more realistic
  • Better Food Quality (betterfood quality) – improves the quality of foods in restaurants, market stalls, cafes, bars and buffet tables so your sims go home full and happy
  • Fridge More Snacks (fridge_moresnacks) – expands the options available in the snack menu on refrigerators (pretzels and croissants!)
  • Better Bread (betterbread)- makes bread recipes (muffins, bread loaves, bagels, etc …) more filling so they can serve as actual meals (think coffee and bagels for breakfast)
  • Banquet Table Tuning (banquettabletuning) – adds additional options to the banquet table (requires Luxury Party Stuff)

Custom Food Textures

Okay so, the food in the game isn’t too pretty to look at especially if you zoom in too close, but these custom food textures make your sims’ recipes look delicious!

*Note: You must have the required packs for these textures to work. Also, be aware that they are default replacements and will override the original food textures in game.

**Note: All of these food textures can be used together so no need to worry about conflicts.

Food Texture Overhaul by asteria-sims (provides textures for most base game foods)

Wedding Cake Texture by lovintree (turns the standard gourmet wedding cake into a beautiful two-tiered red velvet cake)

Base Game Food Texture by utopiasims

Get Together Food Texture by utopiasims

Get To Work Food Texture by utopiasims

City Living Food Texture by utopiasims

Luxury Party Food Texture by utopiasims

Spooky Food Texture by utopiasims

Seasons Food Texture by utopiasims

Jungle Adventure Food Texture by utopiasims

Buyable Foods and Drinks

Maybe your sims are busy and don’t have time to cook. Or maybe they’re having a party and forgot to order pizza. Orrr maybe they just want McDonalds for a change? Regardless of the reason, these buyable foods and drinks, by Around The Sims 4, provide so many new options for your sims to enjoy and the best part is, they require no additional mods and are located right in buy mode, cooked and ready to eat!

Middle Eastern Editable Pastries (baklava, makrout, etc.)

Alcoholic Bar Drinks (vodka, margarita, etc.)

Drinkable Hot Drinks (herbal tea, hot chocolate, etc.)

Drinkable Cold Drinks (soda, beer, etc.)

Drinkable Cold Drinks (milkshakes, energy drinks, etc.)

Edible Pastries (apple pie, sandwich baguette, etc.)

McDonald’s Custom Foods and Drinks (big macs, chicken nuggets, etc.) – these items can even be ordered in restaurants!

Edible Junk Food (Oreos, Pringles, etc.)

Edible Movie Theater Popcorn

And that’s it for now! I hope this post gets your sims better food and cooking in their lives.


Credits: thefoodgroup, icy-spicy-scalpel, littlbowbub, scarletqueenkat, srslysims, emilypl27, plasticbox, floppant, asteria-sims, lovintree, utopiasims, aroundthesims4, littlemssam, bienchen83 for their amazing mods and custom content!

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