5 Must Have Mods for Realistic Relationships in Sims 4

A breakdown of some gameplay changing mods that totally overhauls relationships by super talented modder, Lumpinou.

Lumpinou is quickly becoming my absolute favorite modder in the Sims 4 community. Not only is she kind and super helpful, she’s literally filling in so many gaps in terms of what the game is missing in relationships and pregnancies! Her mods alone have single handedly changed the way I play my game and taken my in-game relationships to a whole new level. If you’re interested in stepping up your sims’ dating lives and giving them a little more personality, keep reading below.

Note for Beginners: If you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.

Road to Romance

This mod does so much for your sims’ love life from turning romance into a skill to practice and eventually master to adding new interactions such as: confiding in friends and families about relationship problems, couples and singles counseling, and so much more! I personally use this mod (and all of the ones below) in conjunction with Have Some Personality Please by PolarBearSims which works perfectly to help sims’ relationships feel more lively by having them perform autonomous interactions based on their mood and relationship level.

No Strings Attached

Ever wished your sim could have a friends-with-benefits kind of situation where they or the friend could possibly catch one sided feelings that could pop up and mess everything up?! Well with this mod, exactly this could happen! With the new relationship option, ‘friends with benefits’, sims can proposition other sims to have all the benefits of a relationship without the commitment, jealousy and feelings… well… that’s the plan anyway 😁.

Open Love Life

Now this mod allows sims to take control of their own love lives — well, sort of. See what it does is, automatically applies a ‘relationship preference’ in the form of a special trait that states what kind of relationship the sim prefers. Options include: ‘prefers romantically inclusive relationships’, ‘indifferent to being romantically exclusive’ and ‘prefers non-exclusive relationships’. Having these kinds of preferences makes dating around so much more exciting! In my personal gameplay, my sim, was dating two different guys who she had great relationships with. Aside from general things like the amount of time spent together and physical compatibility (Wicked Whims Attractiveness System), I needed to know which one wanted the same kind of future she did. One preferred romantically exclusive relationships and the other was indifferent to being romantically exclusive. Having this kind of info was so helpful in moving forward but not enough for me to make my decision. Fortunately, Lumpinou has us covered with the Woohoo Wellness + Pregnancy Overhaul mod!

Woohoo Wellness + Pregnancy Overhaul

Birth control, WTDs (Woohoo Transmitted Diseases), accidental pregnancies, teen pregnancies, paternity tests, shotgun weddings, birth/family planning classes, pregnancy preferences — this mod offers so much, I can’t even begin to unpack it here so it’s definitely worth reading through the notes on the download page (same with all of the mods mentioned here ) if you want the full experience. In reference to my gameplay and my sim’s decision though, the guy that preferred exclusive relationships, did not want children whereas the guy who was indifferent to exclusive relationships did, so that’s how I made my choice. What can I say, I’m a legacy player so kids are always in the picture for me, lol!

I also use Pregnancy Overhaul and Ultrasound Scan by LittleMsSam in conjunction with this mod for a better pregnancy experience.

Contextual Social Interactions + Cheating Module

Aside from adding a ton of new social interactions to the game, this mod also has an awesome cheating module that completely, IMO, improves the cheating system in game. There’s options to apologize for cheating, promise to be faithful, explain the situation to the children, for kids to blame parents for causing hurt and so much more! In one of my previous saves, my sim who was pregnant by a married man (Victor Feng) was completely floored when he randomly, out of the blue, questioned the identity of the baby’s father! I have never been more insulted and excited by a sim in this game!😂

You can find Lumpinou on the web via Twitter, Discord and Patreon.

And that’s it for now! If you have any questions, fire them off in the comments below.

Happy Simming,

credits: Lumpinou, PolarBearsims and LittleMsSam for their amazing mods!

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Author: India | Mellindi

Hey, I'm India! Long time simmer, wife, mama and tea enthusiast. I love writing stories inspired by my favorite sims and helping the community get creative with their games.

5 thoughts on “5 Must Have Mods for Realistic Relationships in Sims 4”

  1. Thank you for the breakdown and recommendation on these mods♡♡♡
    I haven’t tried anything like this.
    I’m interested now for sure


    1. You’re welcome! I love developing my sims personalities and relationships and these mods help a lot with that. If you do decide to use them, I hope you enjoy 💗


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