A Night In…

A little photoshoot inspired by these super cute poses + books by the NSFT team on Tumblr.

Camilla being the hopeless romantic she is, loooooves romance books so when she found out BK had one detailing all the naughty adventures with her fine ass husband Q, you better believe she was the first one in line! Now, I’m pretty sure the intended use of this book was not for reenactment purposes but she was definitely taking notes!

A special thank you @ladybugsimblr (on Tumblr) and the rest of the NSFT team. These poses were super cute and made for a fun little photoshoot. These books will definitely be popping up throughout the story seeing as y’all gave her so much goodness to choose from ♥


I’ll be back to writing the next episode shortly but in the meantime, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Author: India | Mellindi

Hey, I'm India! Long time simmer, wife, mama and tea enthusiast. I love writing stories inspired by my favorite sims and helping the community get creative with their games.

2 thoughts on “A Night In…”

    1. Thank you!!!! ♥ Camilla has easily become my favorite sim to photograph which is crazy because she was just supposed to be some random sim for me to do some simple gameplay with to pass the time by but I fell in love, lol!


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