Must Have Mods for Sims 4 Seasons

A breakdown of some of the best mods out there for the Sims 4 Seasons expansion pack.

With the release of Cottage Living, I felt it was time to revisit the pack (and some much needed mods) that paved the way for our sims’ brand new country lifestyles. From more realistic weather to fixes for annoyances like community lots that refuse to un-decorate once holidays are over, there are tons of goodies here that are sure to make your experience with the Sims 4 Seasons much more enjoyable.

Beginners: If you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.

While researching the mods for this post, I made sure to check that they were still working and being maintained by the creator but the status could change at any time. Before downloading any mods, be sure to read the full download post and follow all directions specified by the creator. Mods tend to “break” after patches so always check the creator’s website for updates. Some of the mods here are very similar in nature and may not be compatible with each other.

Table of Contents

Weather and Temperature Mods
Holiday Traditions and Calendar Mods
Outfit Mods
Food and Gardening Mods
Other Mods (Autonomy, Club Interactions, Moodlets, etc…)

Weather and Temperature Mods

Improved Weather Variety for Worlds by Peterskywalker!

Alters the weather of every world to make it more unique. It improves things like thunderstorms (so they’re available in various seasons, not just summer) and changes the type of weather and temperature for each season in each world.

Weather Realism Overhaul [2.0] by no12

This is another mod that aims to make in-game weather more realistic by adding things like unreliable and tweaked weather forecasts, new weather transitions and visual changes for clouds and water puddles.

Better Seasonal Changes by no12

Provides tons of visual changes that make seasonal transitions a little more realistic. It alters things like flower growth in the spring, leaf accumulation in the fall and the overall coloring of the worlds to better match the season. It’s the perfect compliment to Weather Realism Overhaul 2.0 by the same creator.

Automatic Thermostat by LittleMsSam

For a moderate upgrade fee, the thermostat will automatically adjust according to the temperature, leaving your sims comfortable and free of complaints.

Better Thermostat Reactions by Lotharihoe

You know how sims love to drop everything they’re doing and tell you what they’re feeling? When they’re hot, they stop to fan themselves, when they’re cold, they stop to shiver. With this mod, they’ll continue to fan and shiver just while they do other things. Definitely worth checking out if you find the time they take to perform idle animations annoying.

Instant Thermostat Use by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘instant thermostat statuses’

If you’re okay with directing your sims to set the thermostat but wish they didn’t have to stop what they were doing to do so, this mod is for you! Just click the thermostat, select the appropriate setting and that’s it! No need to interrupt Harvestfest Dinner to keep the guests from freezing to death!

*may not be compatible with the mod above.

No Rain During Festivals by Lotharihoe

For some reason, it’s always raining at GeekCon which is crazy ’cause there are electronics… everywhere. Fortunately, this mod prevents that.

Lightning Don’t Break Objects by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Lightningdontbreakobjects’

Speaking of rain and electronics, this mod prevents outdoor objects from being struck by lightning and burnt to a crisp during thunderstorms. I was beyond tired of replacing my sims’ outdoor furniture week after week so this was a must-have for me.

Resolutions Tweak by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Resolutionstweak’

With this mod, your sims can now make resolutions any time. It also comes with a fix for the ‘lose weight’ and ‘get fit’ resolutions never being completed even when your sim meets their goal.

Less Rain More Sun by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Lessrainmoresun’

Alters the weather just a little my making it rain and snow less which really comes in handy for worlds like Brindleton Bay where it rains so often.

No Reaction to the Thermostat by Zero

You know that animation that sims do every.single.time they go in and out of the house whenever the thermostat is on? The one where they look up at the sky for like five seconds for no reason? This mod gets rid of that.

Reactions and Run Inside by Zero

Prevents sims from reacting to weather and running inside when things get messy outside.

Lightning Strikes Sims Reduced and Toggle Vampires Weather Immunity by Zero

Reduces the likeliness of lightning strikes and makes vampires immune to cold weather.

Weather Affects Mood More by Zero

Makes weather have a larger impact on sims’ moods!

Vampires React to Cold by TheFandomGirl

In the vanilla game, vampires don’t react to the cold. This mod changes that.

Holiday Traditions and Calendar Mods

Holiday Icons

More Holiday Icons by LittleMsSam

More Club and Holiday Icons by Zerbu

Holiday Traditions

No Work (Holiday Tradition) by LittleMsSam

School Holiday (New Holiday Tradition) by LittleMsSam

5 New Custom Holiday Traditions by RenegadeSims

Random Holiday Traditions by LittleMsSam

Assorted Custom Holiday Traditions by icemunmun

Snowy Escape Holiday Traditions by simsbyalyne

5 New Toddler Holiday Traditions by Caradriel

5 Food Holiday Traditions by Caradriel

Custom Holidays

Additional Premade Holidays by erekking

No Premade Holidays by chihuahuazero

Surprise Holidays Be Gone by simmytime

Wheel of the Year – Default Holiday Replacements by Litherium

Holiday Mods

No Holidays Failure Drama by andiberlin

Changes up sims’ reactions to failed holidays giving them a little more personality.

21 Day Seasons Instead of 28 by LittleMsSam

Changes the 28 day season to 21 days.

Less Frequent Surprise Holiday by Zero

Reduces the frequency of surprise holidays that pop up on the calendar like Rebate Day, Neighborhood Brawl day, New Skill Day, etc…

Outfit Mods

More Umbrella Variations in the World by LittleMsSam

Sims around the world will carry umbrellas in various styles.

Umbrella Tweak by Zero

Prevents your sim’s umbrella selection from being deleted and replaced with the standard black umbrella.

Sims Change Outfit When Hot or Cold by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Simschangeoutfitwhenhotorcold’

Sims will automatically change into the appropriate attire for the weather.

Thermostat Outfit Tweak by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Thermostatoutfittweak’

Same as above but for indoor settings with thermostats or fireplaces.

Situation Outfits Begone by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Situationoutfitsbegone’

Prevents a number of weird outfit situations (ie: layers upon layers of random clothing and accessories when it rains) from happening to sims in the world.

No Umbrella for Toddlers by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Noumbrellasfortoddlers’

Toddlers look so weird with umbrellas. This prevents you from having to withness this, lol.

Food and Gardening Mods

More Grand Meals by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Moregrandmeals’

Adds more recipes to the Grand Meals menu for the Harvestfest and Winterfest holidays.

Calm Bees by LittleMsSam

Adds an interaction to the bee box that allows sims to quickly put the bees in a better mood.

Gardening for All Seasons by gettp

Makes it possible for plants to grow in all seasons. Also has additional mods to alter the time of day when plants spawn produce each day.

Plants Go Dormant in Winter Only by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Plantsgodormantinwinteronly’

Just like the mod above, prevents plants from going dormant in any season other than winter.

*may not be compatible with the mod above.

Other Mods (Autonomy, Club Interactions Moodlets, etc…)

Snowflake Default Replacement by Lothorihoe

Replaces the default texture of the snowflake.

Autonomous Beekeeping Club Interaction by siriussimmer

Adds a custom beekeeping interaction for club gatherings.

Harvestfest Gnomes Tweaks by Lothorihoe

Prevents gnomes from spawning on Harvestfest. Also reduces the frequency of the ‘good gnome’ effects.

Mistletoe Kiss in Winter Only by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Mistletoekissinwinteronly’

Makes the mistletoe kiss available only in the winter season.

No Holiday Ghost Walkbys by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Noholidayghostwalkbys’

Ghosts will no longer roam the neighborhoods on holidays with the ‘mourning’ tradition.

More Dynamic Ball Fights by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Moredynamicballfights’

Makes water balloon fights a little more interactive and less stand-still-looking-in-the-wrong-direction, lol.

Faster Balloon Fights by Zero

Also alters the water balloon fights by reducing the playing time.

*may not be compatible with the mod above.

Nature Walk for Everyone by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Naturewalkforeveryone’

Enables the ‘Nature Walk’ interaction that’s usually only available for sims in the Gardening career for everyone and increases their gardening skill while they’re at it!

Storm Moodlet Tweak by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Stormmoodlettweak’

Thunderstorms will no longer scare all sims. Instead, their reaction will be determined by age and traits.

Immediate Deco Options for Unowned Lots By: Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Immediatedecooptionsforunownedlots’

Allows you to remove decorations from community and other unowned lots using the decoration box.

Remove Decorations on Every Lot by Zero

Just like the mod above, adds a new debug option to automatically remove decorations.

*may not be compatible with the mod above.

Lot Trait Sunny Aspect Tweak by Bienchen

Search for or scroll down to ‘Lottraitsunnyaspecttweak’

On lots where the ‘Sunny Aspect’ lot trait is applied, the weather will stay sunny for 24 hours. Also guarantees sunny weather for the Romance, Humor and Hijinks and GeekCon festivals.

Autonomous Swing set Only for Children by Zero

Prevents adults from hogging up the swing sets at parks so that kids actually get a chance to play!

No Auto Shovel by Zero

Calms down the excessive snow shoveling that tends to happen during the winter season.

No Autonomous Pool unless is hot by Zero

Helps sims make better choices by preventing them from using the pool in cold weather.

And that’s it for now! I hope the mods listed here help provide enjoyment in your game!


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