Introducing the Ladies of BLUV’D

A 90s inspired photoshoot featuring the stars of Camilla: Vol. One – Impulse as chart topping girl group, BLUV’D! Includes CC links for the things pictured as well.

I had this idea to do a 90s inspired photoshoot with these ladies based on a comment I got from one my friends about them on another post. Of course, me being me, I had to come up with a little backstory for this whole thing and it goes something like this:

In an alternate universe, Camilla, Cassandra and Jesminder were members of a 90s R&B group by the name of BLUV’D. They were hugely successful with their first, self-tilted album achieving double platinum status and with their subsequent releases performing just as well. They were seen as trendsetters on the hip hop scene and earned several endorsement deals from well-known brands which eventually led to them starting their own clothing line. Unfortunately, the girls outgrew music and went on to do other things but they always remained friends. According to unconfirmed rumors, an anniversary album may be in the works for their long time fans.

Some of my favorite pieces of CC are used in this shoot so I’ll list them below in case y’all want them too:

Cassandra’s Look

hair / top / bottoms / earrings / nails

Camilla’s Look

hair / top (same as Cassandra’s) / bottoms / earrings (by ebonixsims – unavailable) / nails

Jesminder’s Look

hair / top / bottom / earrings (same as Camilla’s) / nails (same as Cassandra’s)


I had this whole epiphany this other day about how to improve my writing process after reading some awesome advice on Tumblr (you can read about my struggle here if you’re interested) so I’m excited to say that the next episode of Camilla – Vol. One: Impulse will be out soon!

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Author: India | Mellindi

Hey, I'm India! Long time simmer, wife, mama and tea enthusiast. I love writing stories inspired by my favorite sims and helping the community get creative with their games.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Ladies of BLUV’D”

    1. Ahhh! They would be so excited to hear this! And I’m really excited about everything that’s coming up! We’re really close to wrapping up this first half of the story and there’s so, so much to come that I can’t wait for y’all to read! ♥


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