Coachella 2022

The girls head out to participate in the Simblr Coachella event.

One thing I really love about the Simblr (Sims community on Tumblr) community are the events put together by simmers. It’s so fun to see everyone come together, and share their own creative spin on another’s idea.

I’m always late to the party, lol, so I don’t do a whole lot of these, but the Coachella event just happened to come around when I had some downtime. In the story’s universe, I’m 105% positive going to this was Cassandra’s idea. Jesminder loves a good girls’ night (and a good drink) so she was on board from the jump. Camilla, though, needed some convincing that one night away from Amir wouldn’t kill her (since she’s neck-deep in the honeymoon phase of their new relationship) but in the end, they had a great night.

Y’all know I love sharing the goodies I find, so below are a few links to the things they’re wearing:

Jesminder’s Look:

hair / earrings / necklace / top / bottoms / nails

Camilla’s Look:

hair / top / bottoms / nails / iphone

Cassandra’s Look:

hair + ombre accessory / earrings / necklace / nose ring / top (by babytears but I can’t find it!)/ bottoms / nails

If you’d like to see other simmers’ looks and performances, check out the #coachellecollective2022 tag on Tumblr.

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Go Out Or Stay In?

Impromptu photo shoot of Camilla and Amir in one of Sulani’s beautiful beach hotels.

I came across two pose packs, Purr by afrosimtricsims (early access until 6/6/22) and YOLO by dearkims and had put them to use.

Whenever Camilla and Amir are together, they’re always tempted to skip all their plans and stay in. I imagine it would be no different on the beautiful beaches of Sulani.

Camilla’s hair + outfit

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My Sims’ CC

My go-to CC resources that allow me to achieve the look of my sims seen in my stories.

Updated 5/9/2022

I’m the kind of girl who finds what she likes and sticks with it for as long as humanly possible. I rarely get bored with my defaults or feel the need to swap out presets, or sliders or whatever. Because of this, my resources are pretty simple, but contain some good stuff that have become staples in my Mods folder. Hopefully you’ll find some things you love just as much here too!


Default Replacements

Default Skin

Calluna Default Skin

Default Skin Tones

Bare Skin Tones
The Other Side (Light and Dark)

Default Teeth

Detailed Teeth

Default Eyes

Chroma Eyes

Default Feet

Feet V6

Default Female Bodies (18+)

Better Body (bottom)
Sopor Allure Breast Mesh

Default Male Bodies

Bod-E II

Favorite Eyelashes + Eyelash Remover Mod

3D Eyelashes – by Miiko
3D Eyelashes Part 1 – by Miiko
3D Eyelashes Part 2 – by Miiko
3D Eyelashes Part 3 – by Miiko
3D Eyelashes Part 4 – by Miiko
3D Lashes – by Dreamgirl
3D Lashes Part 2 – Dreamgirl
3D Lashes Part 3 – by Dreamgirl
3D Lashes Part 4 – by Dreamgirl
3D Uncurled Eyelashes – by Kijiko
3D Lashes – Kijiko
3D Lashes for Kids – by Kijiko
EA Eyelash Remover

Favorite Skin Overlays

Maxis Match

Amaryllis Skin
Myrica Skin
Azalea Skin
Heihu Face Overlay Collection
CapitalCo MilkTea Skin


All skins by Sims3melancholic
Female Skin 21

Favorite Skin Details

Face Details

About Face – Face Kit
Face Kit by Miiko
Lip Kit by Miiko
Cheekbone Overlay
Structure by faaeish
Nosey Posey by faaeish
Nose Shader by faaeish
Little Details by faaeish
Chubby Cheeks by faaeish

Face Shine

Light It Up Face Shine
Topaz Highlight
Opal Highlight

Eye Details

Eye Shape Overlays
Basic 10 Eyebag Set For All
Early Bird Eye Bags

Freckles + Moles

Blu Freckles
Naomi Freckles
Delicate Moles

Aging Details

Landline Wrinkles
Crows Feet
Decades by faaeish

Body Details

Cellulite Overlay
Defined Hands
Belly Overlay
Cleavage Overlay Collection
Pregnancy Things

Favorite Presets

Eye, Nose, Lip, Ear Presets

Nose presets by Simbience
Luumia Ear Presets
More CAS Presets V2
Various mouth presets by Ratboysims
Lip, nose, and eye presets by Squeamishsims
Various presets by Obscurus
Lip, nose, and eye presets by Evoxyr
Various lip presets by Angissi
All presets by Northernsiberiawinds

Body Presets

Hourglass and Pear presets
Hot Boy presets
Vanya preset
Athletic Body preset
Athletic Body 2 preset
All body presets by Afrosimtric

Favorite Sliders

Pouty Lip Slider
Teanmoon Mouth Scale Slider
Teanmoon Mouth Scale Slider For All
Default Nose Slider
Default Brows Slider
Default Chin Slider
Shoulder Shape Slider
Detailed Butt Slider
Body Sliders for Days
Luumia Ear Up and Down Slider

Visual Mods + CC

Tidy Details + Tattoos / Occult + Get Famous Add-On / Acne Add-On
Tidy Accessories
Golden Light – CAS Lighting
CAS Blob Remover (there are many online; this is just one I found)
Night Loading Screen
Default Replacement Maps (I use the LS (low saturation version))
Default Terrain Re-texture
Default Food Re-textures (links to article)


Check out the Mods Recommendations section


Twinkle Toes Lighting Mod
SummerPop Reshade preset
My Editing Process (coming soon)


During one of my more recent CC shopping sprees, I stumbled across this hair and this outfit, and just knew I had to get Camilla in it.

During one of my more recent CC shopping sprees, I stumbled across this hair and this outfit, and just knew I had to get Camilla in it. Now, her style is nothing like this. I would actually categorize it more as ‘cute’ than ‘sexy’, but I figured she wouldn’t mind making an exception for a little photoshoot.

If you’re interested in the items pictured in this post, check out the links below:

outfit / hair / eyeliner/shadow / nails

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Introducing the Ladies of BLUV’D

A 90s inspired photoshoot featuring the stars of Camilla: Vol. One – Impulse as chart topping girl group, BLUV’D! Includes CC links for the things pictured as well.

I had this idea to do a 90s inspired photoshoot with these ladies based on a comment I got from one my friends about them on another post. Of course, me being me, I had to come up with a little backstory for this whole thing and it goes something like this:

In an alternate universe, Camilla, Cassandra and Jesminder were members of a 90s R&B group by the name of BLUV’D. They were hugely successful with their first, self-tilted album achieving double platinum status and with their subsequent releases performing just as well. They were seen as trendsetters on the hip hop scene and earned several endorsement deals from well-known brands which eventually led to them starting their own clothing line. Unfortunately, the girls outgrew music and went on to do other things but they always remained friends. According to unconfirmed rumors, an anniversary album may be in the works for their long time fans.

Some of my favorite pieces of CC are used in this shoot so I’ll list them below in case y’all want them too:

Cassandra’s Look

hair / top / bottoms / earrings / nails

Camilla’s Look

hair / top (same as Cassandra’s) / bottoms / earrings (by ebonixsims – unavailable) / nails

Jesminder’s Look

hair / top / bottom / earrings (same as Camilla’s) / nails (same as Cassandra’s)


I had this whole epiphany this other day about how to improve my writing process after reading some awesome advice on Tumblr (you can read about my struggle here if you’re interested) so I’m excited to say that the next episode of Camilla – Vol. One: Impulse will be out soon!

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Lunch Date

Testing out new CC with Camilla on her mystery lunch date. CC links inside!

Ever since the release of Cottage Living, I’ve been playing nonstop which means I’ve been having all kinds of fun but neglecting my writing. I did, however, track down some really useful mods for the pack and should have that article (Must Have Mods for Sims 4 Cottage Living) out in the next week or so.

In the meantime, if you need mods for any of the other packs, check out:

Must Have Mods for Sims 4 Parenthood
Must Have Mods for Sims 4 Seasons

About Camilla though, even when I’m not writing, I’m always thinking about her and her chaotic life and planning for the story in some kind of way. Today’s planning just happened to consist of downloading CC that I’ll probably never for sure use for an episode or two and of course with the introduction of new CC comes an impromptu photoshoot — this time over lunch with a mystery date 👀

Aaaaaaaand since I love to spread the wealth, here are some links to a few of the items pictured here:

top / skirt / shoes / hair / earrings


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Summer Weekend Look🌴☀️🍑

I found this super cute dress and perfectly fitting pose while CC shopping yesterday and put together this lil’ photoshoot. You can find the links for a few of the things pictured in this shoot below.

dress | hair | pose

Posting will resume shortly. I’m currently like, halfway through the next episode and hoping to have it shot, edited and posted sometime next week so be on the lookout!


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Updating Simstagram

A cute photoshoot for the gram. Links included in the post!

In the story, Camilla mentioned that she stopped updating her Simstgram account. She didn’t go into detail but I can tell you that it was part of her whole ‘reinvention’ — moving to Atwood and starting over. This little photoshoot is what I could see her posting as her re-entry into the online world — if she ever decides to go back anyway.

These super cute poses were made possible by afrosimtricsimmer and can be found here!


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A Night In…

A little photoshoot inspired by these super cute poses + books by the NSFT team on Tumblr.

Camilla being the hopeless romantic she is, loooooves romance books so when she found out BK had one detailing all the naughty adventures with her fine ass husband Q, you better believe she was the first one in line! Now, I’m pretty sure the intended use of this book was not for reenactment purposes but she was definitely taking notes!

A special thank you @ladybugsimblr (on Tumblr) and the rest of the NSFT team. These poses were super cute and made for a fun little photoshoot. These books will definitely be popping up throughout the story seeing as y’all gave her so much goodness to choose from ♥


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Moving Day

A little photoshoot of Camilla on how I imagine she thought she would feel on her moving day, lol.

I imagine that when Camilla moved to Atwood, she felt a lot more optimistic that she does in the story at the present time. This photoshoot represents that optimism.

I also gave alpha hair another shot for this shoot (its been years since I’ve downloaded any with the exception of braided styles) and I think it turned out super cute and worked really well with all the drawn in hair strands. Links for the hair, outfit and U-haul truck below:

Angele Hair | Loose Cardigan | U-haul Truck (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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