14 Cute & Creative Date Ideas for Sims 4

A few fun date ideas along with some useful mods for your sims’ next love day!

It’s Love Day! And I thought, why not let our sims experience all the fun and romance on their Love Day just as we do with ours? Whether they choose to stay in or head out for a romantic night on the town, these simple but fun ideas will ensure that sims in relationships of all types, have a night to remember!

Some of the ideas listed here requires or recommends the use of mods and/or CC, so if you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.

Also, be aware that I own all of the packs (with the exception of Journey to Batuu) so many of them will be mentioned here.

1. Couple’s Massage

Sims love a good massage right? For this Love Day, instead of booking a session at the spa, have your sims do the massaging! With the Ask for a Romantic Massage mod by LittleMsSam, sims can request a massage from their date and once they’re done, return the favor. All you need is a room with a massage table and you’re good to go! These massages grant ‘very flirty’ moodlets, setting the mood for the remainder of the night. To make this date a full blown event, pair it with idea #8, #9 or both!

2. Love at the Festival

The festivals in San Myshuno provide a variety of different activities that make for great dates!

At the Spice Festival, sims can participate in the Spicy Curry Challenge together. The winner gets to take home the title and the loser gets to make the winner dinner, providing the perfect opportunity for another date. The Ask to Cook/Bake mod by LittleMsSam is perfect for this.

At the Humor and Hi-jinks Festival, sims can join either the Light or Dark sides and work together to win the big prize. At the end of the night, once the festival is over, they can travel somewhere quiet, a park maybe? And watch the fireworks they just won at the festival. This idea works really well with idea #13!

The Romance Festival is obviously perfect for dates. With everyone in a flirty mood, the entire time, the event is bound to go well! For this festival though, I think it’s nice for sims to take time to get to know each other. Find out what the other likes, what they’re interested in, if they’re even looking for a relationship. To learn so much more about sims and their interests, I recommend all of the romance and relationships mods by lumpinou and the Attractiveness System from Wicked Whims (18+) or Wonderful Whims both by turbodriver. Not sure which one is right for you? Start with this article.

GeekCon, the not so obvious choice, has so much opportunity for romance of the bold and daring variety. With a rocket ship and telescope right there on the lot, woohooing is literally just a button away!

3. Ghostly Adventure

If your sim and their date are up for something a little… different, have them meet up at a haunted house! Some say fear brings us a little closer so let’s put that theory to the test! This idea doesn’t have to be done at a house though. It can be a bar, lounge or any other lot with the ‘spooky’ lot trait. No matter which location you choose, this is bound to be a very eventful night!

4. Experimental Dinner for Two

Okay so, dinner is a pretty common choice for dates so for this super special occasion, have your sims try something new! Reserve a spot at a fancy restaurant and have them order experimental dishes. Some sims enjoy the… interesting flavors, others… not so much. Either way, this will be a great experience for you as the player to learn something new about your sims! Before they finish their meals, be sure to have them take a photo of the dish to keep as a reminder of this special night.

5. Bonfire Bonding

Bonfires aren’t just for camping. They’re great for snuggles and kisses too! Have sims roast marshmallows, hot dogs or beetles, if your sims are in to that kind of thing and cuddle up near the fire.

6. A Night of Dancing

Drinks followed by a little dancing is a date that can be done anywhere. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have any dancing interactions for couples but with the Slow Dance mod (scroll down to ‘Slow Dance’) by sacrificial, your sims can share a nice romantic dance to their favorite love songs on the Romance station. If you prefer something a little more upbeat but your sim hasn’t reached level 5 of the Selvadoradian skill, with the Teach me the Rubasim mod by LittleMsSam, your sim can ask any Selvadorada native (or any sim that has level 5 Selvadoradian skill) to teach them the Rubasim. I could see this turning into a cute little dance class for couples.

7. Love Day Party

I know Love Day usually represents ‘romantic love’ and is therefore celebrated, between couples, but a ‘love’ themed party is a fun way to celebrate all of your sim’s loved ones. There are so many different ways to do this but my personal favorite is to put on an event at a public place, somewhere like a park, where everyone gets all dressed up in ‘traditional Love Day colors’, with a menu full of sweet treats. The entire night is spent drinking, dancing and everyone just having a great time!

8. Couple’s Yoga

A nice day of yoga is a great way to begin or end the night. Whether its done at home, the spa, the gym or the park — sims can learn more about each other’s… bodies 😁 Pair it with idea #1 for a full day of wellness and relaxation!

9. Romantic Picnic

Dinner under the stars (or on the living room floor) is a nice alternative to the usual dinner date. If you would like dinner to include bar drinks but the date location doesn’t have a bar, the Bar Bottle or Buyable Alcoholic Drinks both by aroundthesims4 serve as a great alternative. If you want sims to actually be able to eat and sit on the floor, this picnic set by imadako makes that possible. For a list of custom dishes to compliment the custom drinks listed here, check out this article full of custom recipe mods.

10. Handmade Gifts

If you own Eco Lifestyle, have your sims visit the Maker’s Space where they can craft each other handmade gifts. Once they’re done, have them surprise each other with the custom gift they made for them. Don’t forget to have your sim take a photo with their date to remember this adorable event.

11. Double Date

Double dates are also a little different for a holiday like this one but I think its great for couples who are friends with other couples. They can do things like go out to dinner, go bowling or just hangout on the beach. It doesn’t have to be this grand event, just a couple having a nice, laid back day with their best friends.

12. Romantic Stargaze

Cuddled together, watching the stars, revealing all of their dreams and wishes — sounds like a lovely night to me! With the Romantic Skygaze (scroll down to ‘Romantic Skygaze’) mod by sacrificial, sims can stargaze together and become much closer in the process. This idea would go great with idea #9!

13. Comedy Show

Comedy Clubs aren’t actually a thing in the game but if you place a microphone at any lounge, bar or restaurant and use the Auto Employees mod by LittleMsSam, a comedian will automatically spawn and put on a performance for the crowd. Have your sim and their date, grab some drinks and seat themselves in the audience to enjoy the show!

14. Ice Skating & Hot Cocoa

The winter season usually means indoor only dates but sims can still have fun outside even in the snow. With ice rinks popping up in several places throughout the worlds, there are ample opportunities for sims to get out and play. Once they’re done and ready to warm up, have them grab a cup of hot cocoa from a seasonal stall located nearby or if they would rather have the drinks at home, they can do so with these custom recipes and recipe objects: Cup of Cozy Drink Tray by RVSN, Drinkable Hot Drinks by aroundthesims4, and Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow by icy-spicy-scalpel.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and that your sims have a fabulous Love Day! ❤

Happy Simming,

credits: littlemssam, turbodriver, lumpinou, sacrificial, imadako, aroundthesims4, icy-spicy-scalpel for their amazing content!

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10 Gameplay Starter Prompts for Sims 4

10 gameplay themes complete with
goals, aspirations and mod
suggestions to provide inspo for your next save!

I’ve talked in great lengths about my process for starting new saves and staying interested in my game and one of the main things I always recommend is setting goals for your sims. IMO, having goals is the best possible thing you can do for yourself when it comes to gameplay. Not only does it give you something to work towards it also allows you — and your sims — to feel a sense of accomplishment when you actually achieve these goals. On top of that, they usually come with rewards that can benefit your sims throughout life. Now, I’m sure that when you think of goals, your first thought may be the obvious, game directed, ones like aspirations or careers but the game (and mods) offers so much more to explore throughout gameplay that you probably never really considered to be goal worthy.

If you’re looking to start a new save or ready to move on to the next generation of your legacy, here are 10 goal-driven gameplay ideas to get you started.

Some of the ideas listed here requires or recommends the use of mods and/or CC, so if you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.

Also, be aware that I own all of the packs (with the exception of Journey to Batuu) so many of them will be mentioned here.

* Feel free to mix things up or swap things out as much as you want as these are just ideas to provide inspiration, not challenge rules. In my experience, these work best when used as sort of a ‘guideline’ and is mixed in with other activities. Let your sim make friends, go out on dates, have kids — basically live their best life!

1. Sulani Socialite

Your super social sim has a deep love for the planet and wants to contribute to its overall well-being. They pack their bags, move into Caldera Camp (the volcano lot) in Mua Pel’am, located right in Sulani and join the Conservationist career ready to clean up the island and restore its natural beauty. On their off-time, your sim is well known for their legendary parties and is on a first name basis with all of the Sulani natives. There seems to be something magical in the water out there that makes the idea of romance even more intoxicating to your romantic sim. Could there be more than just trash on the sandy beaches of the island?

Aspiration: Party Animal
Career: Conservationist (any branch)
Skills: Charisma, Fitness, Logic

  • Max Conservationist career
  • Complete Party Animal aspiration
  • Restore the island to its original state
  • Earn a gold medal on one of every party type available. To make this even more of a challenge, include the events made possible with the Memorable Events mod by kawaiistacie.
  • Become best friends or fall in love with a mermaid/merman
Packs needed: Island Living

2. Cultural Curator

Your sim has an adventurous soul that yearns to see the entire world. From Selvadorada to Mt. Komorebi, they want to experience everything that each culture has to offer. They’re sad whenever it’s time to return home but their ever-growing collection of souvenirs serve as a reminder of each trip. Because of how often they’re on the road (or in the air) they don’t have a job and have a hard time making long term commitments. Fortunately, they’re able to make money by selling a few artifacts at the weekly flea market in San Myshuno. With as much as they love the thrill of trying new things and meeting new people, the idea of being in one place or with one person forever sounds so… mundane but maybe they just haven’t met the right one yet?

Aspiration: Curator & Jungle Explorer (if you’re feeling adventurous)
Career: Register with the Ministry of Labor as a ‘Curator’
Skills: Selvadoradian Culture, Archeology, Photography

  • Complete Curator and/or Jungle Explorer aspirations
  • Try/learn to make every meal from each destination world
  • Earn $100,000 selling Selvadoradian artifacts. To make this more of a challenge, don’t sell straight from your sim’s inventory, instead host a ‘yard sale’ at the flea market in San Myshuno or at any other community lot of your choice. I recommend, the Flea Market Every Sunday mod by LittleMsSam so there isn’t such a huge gap in opportunities for sales.
  • Make a small group (2-3) of lifelong friends
Packs needed: Jungle Adventure, *Island Living, *Snowy Escape, *Outdoor Retreat
*packs needed depends on the worlds you want your sim to travel to

3. Homegrown Hustler

Your sim is a free-spirit who — according to some — spends way too much time in their garden. If it were up to them, they would do nothing but lounge around, soaking up the sun with their favorite flowers but somebody’s gotta pay the bills. As an individual with a severe ‘work’ allergy, getting a traditional job is out of the question — for their health, of course — so they’ll need to get creative with their money making efforts. Fortunately for them, they have a garden right at home full of produce, flowers and fresh honey. Will their natural talents be enough to keep them away from homelessness or will they have to suck it up and finally get a real job?

*If you’re looking for more to sell from your sim’s garden, I recommend the Functional Canning Station mod and custom harvestables by icy-spicy-scalpel that allows your sim to make preserves, jellies, jams, pickles and more using produce from their garden.

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Career: None
Skills: Gardening, Baking and Canning (if you choose to use the mod)

  • Complete Freelance Botanist aspiration
  • Avoid getting a job at all costs
  • Sell baked and homegrown goods from your own personal yard sale or at the town’s weekly weekend Farmer’s Market (park with a sale’s table)
  • Earn $50,000 from yard sales selling baked goods, flower arrangements, honey, canned goods (if you used the mod) etc…
  • Have a garden with every fruit, vegetable, flower (not including spliced plants) available in game
  • Join the Garden Gnomes club and befriend the leader (Moira Fyres) in an effort to get her to step down. Once your sim becomes leader of the club, have them host club gatherings at their house to get ‘free labor’ from the club members. If you rather create your own club, you can go that route instead, after all, free labor is free labor!
Packs needed: Get Together, City Living, Seasons

4. Karaoke Critic

Your sim’s opinions are just as loud (and beautiful) as their voice and they want the world to know it. As a San Myshuno native and lover of all things music, they’re well versed on the underground scene with knowledge of all up-and-coming musical acts. Their days are usually spent on autopilot in their boring cubicle writing columns about all of these amazing performers — but at night is when they really come alive! Weekly competitor at the Spice Market’s infamous Karaoke competition — this sim was born to be a star! If only they could get the title away from Anaya Jang to prove it!

Aspiration: City Native and Musical Genius (if you’re feeling spicy)
Career: Critic (Art Critic branch)
Skills: Singing, Writing, Piano (or any instrument(s) of your choice)

  • Max Critic Career
  • Complete City Native and/or Musical Genius aspiration
  • Win (and keep) the title of Karaoke Champ
  • Become skilled with at least two different instruments
  • Write three original songs
  • Become enemies with Anaya Jang — the longtime Karaoke Champ (could be any other sim who frequently wins the competition. It just happens to almost always be Anaya in my game)
Packs needed: City Living

5. Herb Hunter

Your sim grew up in a little cottage in the woods assisting their grandmother, the town’s apothecary, in her shop. From gathering herbs to prepping herbal remedies, they were the best junior assistant, one could have asked for. Years later, after the fire that destroyed their hometown, they’re on a journey to a secret forest — the only forest in the world — rumored to have the same ingredients used to make their grandmother’s special remedies. Once they gather everything they need, they can open their very own shop. The special ingredients aren’t the only thing rumored to be in that forest… hopefully it isn’t anything to be concerned about…

Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast
Career: Gardener
Skills: Herbalism, Gardening and Fishing

  • Max Gardener career
  • Complete Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration
  • Brew at least one of every herbal recipe
  • Befriend the Hermit in Granite Falls
  • Camp out in Granite Falls at least once every season
  • Earn a gold medal on a Weenie Roast
  • Make enough money to open a retail store once you max the Gardener career (amount is whatever you deem acceptable)
Packs needed: Outdoor Retreat, Get to Work, Seasons

6. Small-Town Sleuth

Your sim is a wannabe journalist desperate to have their articles featured on the front page of the newspaper. After complaining to their boss — yet again — about their stagnant career, they’re given an opportunity to prove they’re ready — an opportunity that no one else seems to want but an opportunity nonetheless! They pack their bags and hop on the next flight out to a little town, in the middle of nowhere, by the name of Strangerville. The assignment they were given seems simple enough — write a piece about the exotic wildlife that seems to be popping up all over town — but once they settle in and take a look around, they realize that there’s way more to this town than meets the eye…

Aspiration: Bestselling Author
Career: Writer (Journalist branch)
Skills: Writing and Charisma

  • Max Writer career
  • Complete Bestselling Author aspiration
  • Solve the Strangerville mystery
  • Write and publish an excellent quality non-fiction book detailing how your sim’s heroic act saved a small town from certain doom!
  • Write and publish, The Book of Life, which will serve as your sim’s memoir to… make sure the world remembers how great they are… even after they’re gone

Packs needed: Strangerville

7. Lawyer of Love

Your charismatic, career-driven sim has dreams of becoming the top partner at their law firm. When they’re not at the library researching old cases or studying for the law exam, they’re out filing court documents or working overtime on open cases. In their limited free-time, they study classical music and work on perfecting their already perfect violin skill. Their life may seem less than exciting at the moment but it won’t be this way for long because your sim has a plan. See, word on the street is that the firm has been losing clients and is in desperate need of some new ones. Now, your sim being the over-achiever they are is prepared to single-handedly fix the firm’s problems by bringing in tons of new clients. These won’t be any ol’ clients though — they’ll be rich and powerful clients — that would surely help the firm restore it’s once prominent name and catapult your sim right to the top of their career! Securing these clients won’t be easy though. They’ll need something… something special… something… alluring… I’m sure they can figure something out…

Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Career: Lawyer (Private Attorney branch)
Skills: Charisma, Research and Debate, Violin

  • Max Lawyer career
  • Complete Serial Romantic aspiration
  • Only date sims with prominent names or who are from rich families (ie: Goths, Fengs, Landgraabs, etc…) You can create your own families with their own backstories as well — does not have to be any of the premades
  • Maintain at least 8 partners at a time
  • Get engaged
  • Leave a sim at the alter

Packs needed: University

8. (Im)Perfect Parent

Your club hopping, party going sim is not really the family type. With their nights belonging to the stage and their mornings spent doing watcher knows what, kids were not a part of their plan — until they were. Turns out, they have kids, twin toddlers, that they had no idea existed. With the other parent no longer in the picture, they’re the twins’ sole guardian. With their comedy career on the rise and their social life the most fun it’s ever been, can they raise these toddlers without ruining either of their lives?

Aspiration: Super Parent and Joke Star (if you’re feeling ambitious)
Career: Entertainer (Comedian branch)
Skills: Parenting, Comedy, Dancing

  • Max Comedian career
  • Complete Super Parent aspiration
  • Earn $1000 in tips from performing comedy routines
  • Develop 10 excellent comedy routines
  • Raise both children with all 5 character values
  • Become best friends with both children

Packs needed: Parenthood

9. Mt. Komorebi Medalist

Your sim’s a professional athlete who’s ready to take their talents off the field and on to the slopes. They’ve been training hard for the Simlympics where they plan to take home the gold! To document this heroic journey and give their fans a sneak peak of their true greatness, they record their trainings and upload them to their soon-to-be popular SimTube channel. With as much bragging and boasting as they tend to do, will they be able to back it all up once game day comes?

Aspiration: Extreme Sports Enthusiast and Body Builder (if you’re feeling cocky)
Career: Athlete
Skills: Fitness, Rock Climbing, Skiing, Snowboarding

  • Max Athlete career
  • Complete Extreme Sports Enthusiast aspiration
  • Earn and maintain Outdoorsy Lifestyle
  • Record and upload a vlog of every emotion type (cheerful, funny, aspiring, love advice, angry, pumped up, confident, sad and dazed)
  • Successfully reach the top of Mt. Komorebi

Packs needed: Snowy Escape, Get Famous

10. Property Managing Prankster

Your sim has a… strange sense of humor that is commonly misunderstood by, well, everyone. With all the pranking and especially the voodoo, sims have a hard time letting their guard down around your sim, making it difficult for them to make friends. Sick of spending every single day alone in their big empty house, they decide to open their doors to a few renters, who hopefully, over time can become friends. Will your sim be able to make a good impression on their tenants or will their mischievous nature get in the way once again?

Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Career: Freelance Programmer
Skills: Mischief, Programming

  • Complete Chief of Mischief aspiration
  • Have your sim live on a lot with at least 3-4 extra bedrooms (or enough space for 4 roommates). *University came with its own roommate system but if you don’t have the pack or aren’t a fan of how the system works, check out this step-by-step guide on how to use the Roommate mod by LittleMsSam.
  • Join the dark side at the Humor and Hijinks Festival and win the grand prize
  • Successfully pull pranks at 10 different community lots
  • Befriend all of the roommates. *To make things a little more interesting, I recommend the First Impressions mod by lumpinou that grants a sentiment to sims when they first meet. It’s really fun to see what impression sims leave on each other and sets the pace for the rest of their relationship
  • Bind a voodoo doll to each roommate. (you’ll need to obtain one for each roommate)

Packs needed: City Living, University (for the roommate system if you choose not to use the mod)

And that’s it for now! I hope these ideas can help serve as inspiration for your next save!

Happy Simming,

credits: littlemssam, bienchen83, kawaiistacie and lumpinou for their amazing mods!

For more gameplay ideas or mod recommendations to go along with those suggested in this article, check out the links below:

Gameplay Ideas | Mod Recommendations

If you are thinking of building a house for your next save and need some help getting the foundation down or the decor just right, check out this step-by-step build tutorial!

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20 Gameplay Ideas for Family Players of Sims 4

A breakdown of some of my favorite activities that keep my sim families happy, connected and having fun!

It’s no secret that I love family gameplay. It’s what I do. I create a sim, get their life going, have them fall in love, get married, have babies — not always in this particular order — but you get the picture. So one question I get asked all the time from other simmers who also enjoy the legacy lifestyle but can’t quite figure out how to keep their sims’ lives, well, lively is what my sims actually do when I’m in game.

Sims 4, compared to its predecessors, requires a lot of imagination from the player. This makes it kinda hard to keep the motivation going especially on weekends when the whole family is home from work/school and waiting for you to give them something to do. Fortunately, I have some ideas! 20 to be exact! So keep reading for a list of fun activities to incorporate into your sims’ lives.

Some of the activities listed here requires or recommends the use of mods and/or CC, so if you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.

Also be aware that I own all of the packs (with the exception of Journey to Batuu) so many of them will be mentioned here.

1. Backyard Camping

Instead of traveling all the way to Granite Falls for the yearly family camping trip, pitch a tent (or two) in the backyard and have a little camping adventure right at your sims’ house! Grab some snacks, a radio, maybe even a few books and make it a memorable night with the family. If your sims happen to own a fire pit (or you hop in buy mode to get one for them real quick) they can roast hot dogs or marshmallows and tell a few ghost stories to get everyone in the campfire spirit.

Packs needed: Base Game, Outdoor Retreat

2. Lemonade Sale

So it’s Summer time and the kids are bored at home with nothing to do. On top of that, they’ve been begging for an allowance but their parents are not trying to hear it. Well fortunately for them, they have the opportunity to make their own money by running a lemonade stand! With this Lemonade mod by icy-spicy-scalpel, kids (or any other sim, teen-elder) can set up and run a lemonade stand just like they do on TV!

*If you really want the ability to give your sim kiddies allowance, check out the Allowance Mod by ScarletsMods. I personally use this one for my gameplay and I love it.

Packs needed: Base Game, City Living

3. Picnic in the Park

Pack up your family, some BLTs or veggie burgers and head to the park for a family picnic! After a full afternoon of play, have your family settle in for lunch using this picnic set by imadako. With cushions and shirts that function as chairs, your sims can enjoy the rest of their outing relaxing in the grass together. This set also comes with a custom drink tray which has options like: hot coffee, hot tea, cold water, cold juice and other various mixtures. For pre-lunch activities, your sims can participate in things like: playing on the playground equipment for kids and toddlers, basketball and chess for everyone!

Packs needed: Base Game, Backyard Stuff (for drink tray functionality)

4. Sunday Dinner with the Grandparents

Once my sims’ develop a schedule and have their routines down pat, I’m super guilty of neglecting the rest of the family. Days and days (which are like years in sim time) can go by before I even realize that its been a good minute since we’ve seen Grandma or Grandpa. If you’re guilty of this too, scheduling Sunday Dinners with extended family is a perfect way for everyone to keep in touch and get that much needed family time together. If you have Seasons installed, you can even place the dinner on the calendar as a non-goaled dinner party so that you and your sims don’t forget. Unless your sims have the ‘Always Welcome’ reward trait or you’re using a mod like, More Welcome (scroll down to ‘morewelcome’) by bienchen83, that prevents normal activities like cooking and sleeping from being perceived as inappropriate, I suggest having your sims prepare the dinner at their house and take it with them to Grandma’s. However, if you truly want the ‘made by grandma experience’, you can download Ask to Cook for Me by LittleMsSam which allows your sim to ask any other sim to cook a meal for them. This is very useful when you want to serve a meal that’s higher than your sim’s skill level.

Packs needed: Base Game, Seasons (for calendar functionality)

5. Sleepover

Sleepovers are a great way to keep the party going way into the night! Now, the sleepover mechanics in the game are a little wonky with sims almost never actually going to sleep or sneaking out before the night is over but with the Memorable Events Mod (one of my personal favorites) by kawaiistacie, sleepover guests will actually stay the full night and even participate in a few sleepover style activities. Have your child sim invite a few friends over to watch movies, dance, pull pranks, gossip, pillow fight (yes, that’s an actual interaction that comes with the mod) all night! Also perfect for adult sims who want to spend the night partying with friends or woohooing cuddling with their significant other.

Packs needed: Base Game

6. Class Field Trip

A perfect opportunity for a full day of education! Have your child or teen sim and at least one parent, take the day off of school/work and spend the day at an educational facility. This could be a museum, art gallery, library, park, basically anywhere learning can take place! This is another activity where the Memorable Events mod comes in handy but can also be pulled off without it. If you choose to use the mod, teachers and other students will automatically spawn at the location of the field trip for the parent and student sim to socialize with. If you don’t use the mod, just be sure to invite out other sims to the field trip location to simulate an actual field trip. And don’t forget to pack a lunch!

Packs needed: Base Game, Parenthood (for sack lunch capability)

7. D.I.Y. After School Club

Child and teen sims that aren’t into drama and wouldn’t be caught dead in a scouts uniform — still need something to do after school — but those, unfortunately, are the only two after school activities we have, meaning you’re out of options, right? Wrong! You can create your own using the club feature from Get Together! With your child’s interests in mind, create a club with or without requirements (like age, trait, skill, etc…), add a few friends or other sims within their age group, set a location, some club activities and you’re good to go! In my personal gameplay, (using this method) my teen, who has the genius and geek traits, is apart of the school’s S.T.E.M. program where they meet three times a week at the neighborhood library aka the ‘S.T.E.M. Academy’ and focus on building logic, rocket science and programming skills. For extra customization, I recommend using the More Club and Holiday Icons mod by Zerbu which adds additional icons (all extracted from the game) to the club icon chooser menu.

Packs needed: Base Game, Get Together

8. Bowling + Pizza Night

Bowling makes for a fun night — especially for sims a little on the competitive side. At the bowling alley, sims (kids-elder) can challenge each other to a few rounds of bowling with the winner announced at the end of the the game. Like most other skills in Sims 4, your sims will get better overtime and even learn some cool trick shots to show off in front of their friends. Once the game is over, treat the family to pizza! A whole pizza isn’t actually served at any of the community lots in the game so the easiest way to make this happen would be to 1) have a sim order a pizza before leaving the house and bring it with them in their inventory or 2) have a sim bake a pizza using one of the custom pizza recipes, which currently includes, Buffalo Pizza and Three Cheese Pizza, from the Grannie’s Recipe Book by LittlBowBub and bring it with them in their inventory.

To make this outing more enjoyable, I also recommend, the More Fun Stuff mod by LittleMsSam that allows sims to gain social and fun while bowling with each other.

Packs needed: Base Game, Bowling Stuff

9. Farmer’s Market

This one’s perfect for your country or off-the-grid living sims. Just plop a sales table down at the park and fill it up with your sim’s fresh baked goods. Things like bread loaves, cakes, muffins even roasted turkey dinners can be sold for a profit. You can also sell produce from the garden. Couple this with Idea #2 (Lemonade Sale) to get the whole family involved.

To start a sale, drag the items you would like to sell from your sim’s inventory to the sales table then click ‘Stock Table’. The items will then spawn on the table. Click the table to set the markup price amount (if you want to increase your earning possibility) followed by ‘Tend Table’ then ‘Start Street Sale’. For best results, place the table in areas that are crowded. It takes a while but customers will show up eventually.

Packs needed: Base Game, City Living (for the sale’s table)

10. Day at the Beach

A day at the beach is a great way to unwind and have some fun during the summer season! Toddler sims can play in the water, build sand castles and play in the sand while the older family members can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, riding on jet skis, combing for beach shells and all the other activities the beach has to offer. Idea #3 (Picnic in the Park) also works great on beaches and are a perfect way to end the day.

Packs needed: Base Game, Island Living

11. School Trip Abroad

Vacations are a perfect way for sims to explore and learn about other cultures and a school trip abroad is a great way to facilitate that. Send a few teen sims (with or without an adult) or a few child sims accompanied by an adult to the destination of your choice. Have them rent a housing unit suitable for the number of sims in the group then send them out exploring. Let them experience the local cuisine and participate in cultural events. Have them take photos and write in their journals to document their experience. When they return home, they can tell their parents all about the trip!

Packs needed: Base Game, Outdoor Retreat, Jungle Adventure, Island Living or Snowy Escape — Depending on the destination

12. Seasonal Festivals

One thing I reeeeaaaaallllly miss from Sims 3 are the festivals that came around every season. Sims 4, unfortunately, does not have seasonal festivals but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own! These Seasonal Festival lots by Moonlightowl-es have everything you need to throw your own festival each season. To have these festivals become a permanent part of your sim’s lives, add them as holidays to the household calendar. On the day of the festival have your family and a group of friends travel to the festival lot for a day (or night) of fun activities. This is another activity where the Memorable Events mod comes in handy as it allows you to throw ‘Seasonal Parties’ which are perfect for this kind of event.

Packs needed: Base Game, Seasons

13. Movie Night

Pop some popcorn, dim the lights and gather around the TV for a movie night! If the weather permits (and your sims can afford it, *coughs* motherlode) place a projector screen in the backyard for a change of scenery that I’m sure your sims will appreciate. Teen sims might also enjoy snuggling up with their crush while watching the premier of College Cram, during movie night at the park. To make this event even more special and unlock some cute interactions, plan a ‘Movie Night’ using the Memorable Events mod.

Packs needed: Base Game, Movie Hangout

14. Painting/Arts + Crafts Class

The Arts Center provides the perfect atmosphere for families to let go and fully embrace their creative talents! Kids can use the activity table to draw original works of art or make seasonal crafts and adults can try their hand at painting. Sims of all ages can work on their musical skills using any of the instruments available at the facility. To finish off the outing, sims can enjoy lunch together at one of the marketstalls located right in the Arts Quarter, if playing in San Myshuno. If playing in any other world, a marketstall of your choice can be placed right on the property. I recommend the Free Staff mod by LittleMsSam to make hiring a vendor free (also works for baristas, chefs and bartenders) or the Auto Employees mod also by LittleMsSam that automatically spawns employees on the property as soon as you arrive.

Packs needed: Base Game, City Living

15. Karaoke Competition

Sims with high singing skills deserve the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world! And this is exactly what the karaoke competition is for! Have your family head out to the karaoke bar on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday nights to support the family star as they sing their heart out for the title and cash prize! Just be sure to make it there by 8pm to enter the competition.

FYI. Karaoke competitions aren’t locked to San Myshuno and are automatically held at any karaoke bar in any world on the above mentioned nights.

Packs needed: Base Game, City Living

16. Family Yoga Class

This one is more for adult sims with teen children since kids can’t use the yoga mats but a yoga class is a great way for families to bond while increasing their wellness and fitness skills. Have the family head down to the gym or spa (ones that include yoga mats) to participate in this event. If the weather is nice and your sims would prefer outdoor classes instead, place an instructor’s yoga mat along with a few regular yoga mats at any park and a yoga instructor will spawn automatically and host classes every 30 sim minutes.

Packs needed: Base Game, Spa Day

17. Ultimate Gaming Competition

The arcade is the perfect place for this kind of event! Geek sims (or non-geek sims) and their friends can gather at the local arcade and put their gaming skills to the test. Order a few snacks from the bar and play a few rounds to see who’s the real ultimate gaming champ!

Packs needed: Base Game

18. Family Reunion Celebration

One of my favorite things about playing a legacy is getting to see sims across different generations meet up and interact with each other. When caught up in the day to day though, with jobs and school and aspiration stuff, it’s easy to forget to take time out to have the entire family spend time together. To make this a regular thing that all sims can look forward to, add this special event to the calendar. Each season, have all members of your sim family spend time together doing something different. Whether it be an egg hunt in the Spring, vacation to Sulani in the Summer, family bonfire in the Fall or snowboarding in Mr. Komorebi in the Winter, your sims will appreciate bonding with each other throughout every season.

Packs needed: Base Game, Seasons (for calendar functionality)

19. Family Adventure in the Jungle

When you think of an adventure in the jungle, I’m pretty sure the first thing that comes to mind are adults, right? Well, did you know that kids can go on adventures too and are actually pretty useful? Finding hidden treasures in dig and other excavation sites is where they really shine and can help take some of the pressure off the parents who are hard at work clearing paths or solving puzzles. At the end of the trip, with personal and household inventories full of riches, your family of archaeologists will be proud of all that they accomplished together, as a family.

Packs needed: Base Game, Jungle Adventures

20. Backyard BBQ

Backyard BBQs are one of my favorite and one of the easiest summer activities for my sims! There’s barely any set up and it’s a perfect opportunity for bonding with family and friends. Just throw some burgers on the grill, play some music on the outdoor radio and place a few water activities such as: a water balloon bucket (for water balloon fights), water slide, pool or sprinklers and invite over friends and/or extended family. To make this a permanent event in your sim’s lives, make this day a holiday and add it to the household calendar. For even more fun (if space allows) place a dance floor and have sims challenge each other to a dance competition. Sims will enjoy watching and cheering on their favorite.

Packs needed: Base Game, Backyard Stuff, Seasons

And that’s it for now! What are some of your favorite family activities for your game? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Simming,

credits: icy-spicy-scalpel, bienchen83, imadako, kawaiistacie, zerbu, littlemssam, bienchen83, littlbowbub, moonlightowl-es, scarletsmods

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