17 Mods for Better Sims & Socials in Sims 4

Must-have mods for deeper sim personalities, more meaningful conversations, and custom whims that provide a better, more fleshed out gameplay experience.

Sims, in their current state, all feel a little similar, regardless of traits. They have the same wants, same reactions, and are way too predictable for my liking. The same can be said for the social interactions, phone calls, and whims too. If you’re like me and need a little more variety in the way your sims think and interact with each other, keep reading for a few great mods that can provide that for you.

Beginners: If you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.

While researching the mods for this post, I checked to make sure they were still working and being maintained by the creator, but the status could change at any time. Before downloading any mods, be sure to read the full download post and follow all directions specified by the creator. Mods tend to “break” after patches, so always check the creator’s website for updates.


Social Interactions
Custom Whims


The Personality Mod by MissyHissy

Adds new personalities to sims via reward traits (purchased in the Rewards Store). These personalities are inspired by the Sims 2 aspirations and include: Knowledge Sim, Pleasure Sim, Fortune Sim, Family Sim and more.

The Hobby Mod by MissyHissy

This one also adds new “hobbies” to the game via traits (don’t worry, they’re in-game traits so you don’t lose a CAS slot) that give your sims brand new interests. Hobbies include: Cuisine, Arts and Crafts, Fitness, Music and Dance, and a whole lot more.

Trait Overhaul by Bienchen

scroll down to or search for “traitoverhaul

An essential mod that completely reworks the existing traits to make them more meaningful and distinct from each other. This can influence how well they get along with other sims and even their performance at work! This one pairs really well with the Whim Overhaul by the same creator (linked further down).

Preferences Plus by SimHelaene

Adds over 20 new interests to the likes/dislikes section to choose from in CAS. Includes unique social interactions, whims, and even computer options. Sims will have a more fleshed-out personality that’s most visible when interacting with or reacting to other sims.

Slice of Life – My Personality Pack by KawaiiStacie

Adds 16 detailed personality traits based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Types. These personality types affect everything from autonomy to careers and skill gain. Autonomy is coded to take into account a sim’s age, gender, even the weather, for much more variety.

Character Values Overhaul by Tyjokr

Completely overhauls the Character Value System. With this mod, sims start off with random positive/negative character values. Over time, the value points will decay to make raising “perfect” children much more challenging. This mod also reworks the system to make use of all in-game traits and will have a greater affect on toddler-teen sims.

First Impressions by Lumpinou

This one technically affects the way sims feel about each other after meeting for the first time, but I put it under the Personality category because it’s more about a sim’s internal feelings. With that being said, this mod lets you know how sims really feel when meeting others. One may find a particular sim “weird” while that same sim finds them “clingy”. Another may give off a “childish” vibe while others read them as “interesting”. The best part of this mod is that feelings are completely one-sided, so while one sim may have gotten a good impression from another, the feeling may not be mutual.

Celebrity System by KiaraSims4Mods

This mod adds so much personality to the celebrity system, so I felt it deserved a mention here. With this one, certain events in your sims’ lives have the potential to make the tabloids. Caught cheating on their spouse? The public might have an opinion on that. Caught stealing in public? You better believe the world’s going to hear about it. Celebrating a child’s birthday party or vacationing with the family? All that gets reported too. Sims can even be falsely accused of things they didn’t do and sue the paparazzi for slander! Results may vary. I played the actor career for the first time recently and this mod made being a celebrity so much more fun. I highly recommend.

Interested in how I flesh out my sims’ personalities? Read here.

Social Interactions

Random Texts and Calls by Kuttoe

Adds a ton of texts and phone calls from other sims that make relationships (of all kinds) feel much more meaningful. The one where the parent sends their adult child money ‘for a good meal’ or a ‘warm coat’ are my personal favorites.

Contextual Social Interactions by Lumpinou

Adds brand new social interactions to the chat menu about all the exciting things going on in your sims’ lives. With this one, sims can finally tell their loved ones about their most recent promotion or their friends about their divorce. They can enthuse about their latest workout or announce their pregnancy to others outside of the family. Most of these interactions are autonomous too, which is awesome for storytelling and makes communication feel much more special.

Storytelling Socials by Lazarusinashes

More interactions that add personality to conversations. Married sims can discuss the possibility of having children. Vegetarian sims can express their disgust for meat-eaters. Outgoing sims can mock loners for their lack of social skills, etc… Interactions and other sims’ reactions to them are determined by trait and the relationship value.

Chat Pack – More Social Interactions for Your Sims by NateTheL0ser

Even more interactions! This one focuses a little more on life events and feelings, which I think is pretty awesome. Sims can announce their engagements, show ultrasound pictures to family and friends, and even discuss midlife crises. Many of these socials are geared toward adult and elder sims, which is something we could use much more of in the game.

Social Interaction Pack by KiaraSims4Mods

This one adds social interactions that focus heavily on relationships, personalities, and life events. Things like: asking for permission to propose, bragging about your sim’s partner, and even simple things like saying good morning and wishing another sim happy birthday are sure to liven up your sims’ conversations.

Romance Interaction Pack by KiaraSims4Mods

Adds brand new interactions for sims in love. Socials include: Discuss Meeting Parents, Declare Soulmate, Admire Woohoo Techniques, and so much more. Pairs really well Memorable Events by KawaiiStacie as a sim autonomously discussing the idea of their significant other meeting their family would be the perfect time for you to get a ‘Meet the Family’ event on the calendar.

For more ideas to fill up your sims’ calendars, check out this post.

More Ask What Happened by Bienchen

Adds new social interactions that allow sims to ask others about the unfortunate events they’ve experienced in life. Negative events include: cheating, negative pregnancy test, divorce and more.

Custom Whims

Whim Overhaul by Bienchen

scroll down to or search for “whimoverhaul”

Completely overhauls the whim system so that sims actually want more things out of life (besides 1×1 pools and dishwashers *rolls eyes*). Whims include special wishes for each age group and are geared toward spending time and interacting with friends and family.

The Custom Whims Mod by MissyHissy

Compliments the Personality, Hobby and Character Value mods (all linked above) by adding a bunch of new whims that are more likely to make your sims want to do things based on their traits, aspirations, and relationships. For example: a family sim may get a whim to watch a movie with other family members and a fortune sim may get a whim to purchase a business.

And that’s it for now! I hope the mods listed here help liven up your sims’ lives.


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Episode 6: Decisions and Stuff – Part 1

Amir contemplates his “relationship” with Camilla.


She’s always on the phone. Every time I see her, she got that shit glued to her hand like somebody’s got her on call. Every chance she gets, she’s on it, texting or whispering to whoever’s holding that leash. I asked her about it once, maybe twice, a while back when we first started kicking it, but she brushed it off like I wasn’t seeing what I was seeing; rolling her eyes like catching attitudes changes facts. She does that all the time too, when I ask questions about what she does outside of me and her. She don’t like it, so she gives these vague ass answers like I can’t read between the lines. Like I can’t bypass what she’s saying to get to what she’s not saying. She thinks she’s that good at navigating our conversations, controlling the narrative, but all I’m hearing in the silence beneath all that noise — is that she’s fucking with somebody else — maybe.

The messages are kind of… muddled, switching up as often as her mood. One minute, she’s saying she wants boundaries, whatever the fuck that means. The next, she’s under me, saying everything but that. Then she says she wants to keep things simple, organized; so we agree on a couple hours, a few designated days a week; but then when the weekend hits, all that goes out the window and we’re in this room for two, three days straight sometimes, like we’re on some kind of honeymoon.

Trying to figure her out, deciphering what she really means versus what she says she means, is like a full-time fucking job and she’s not even my girl. Shit’s confusing too ‘cause I know if she was my girl, disappearing for days, coming home with hickeys on her thighs and shit, she’d have a problem. So that means… she don’t have a boyfriend — she can’t. Good. But then who’s she always talking to?

She was back on the phone again. This time, reading something, online maybe. I couldn’t tell for sure. One hand was covering her mouth, trying to hide the smile that was creeping up behind it, the other had a tight grip on the phone. Her eyes were large, growing in size with each swipe of her finger, and her body was as stiff as the headboard behind us. I leaned into her pillow, nudging my face into her arm to get a closer look at what had her so excited. If this had been any other time, me being this close to her phone, would’ve had her doing crazy shit like throwing it across the room or shoving it in the bottom of the nightstand’s drawer, but this time, she didn’t even budge. Instead, she slammed a hand into the bed, her fingers clenching the sheets between us. She was one scroll away from losing her fucking mind all over something called… Graylight?

“What’s Graylight?”

What’s Graylight?” She turned to me slowly. Her tone, offended, like I had just called her out her name. “You’ve never heard of Graylight?”

“Nah.” I shook my head. “What is it? Some kind of show?”

Her head flew back as loud laughter took the place of where her answer should’ve been. She looked at me, her mouth hung open. “Are you serious?”

I nodded.

She rose to her knees to fangirl over this thing. “Only the best show to air on TV, ever! I can’t believe you’ve never heard of it.” She pushed me down and climbed on top of me, her initial look of shock fading into something more curious. “Do you even watch TV? What do you do for fun?”

Oh, so she can ask me questions about what I get into but when I do it, it’s a problem.

“Not much.” I kept my answer as short as she likes to. “So tell me what this Graylight’s about.”

She goes on this long ass story about a girl named Lux, some dude, and a baby. Some spoilers were leaked about the movie that’s coming out this week, a spin-off from the show, and that’s what’s got her flipping out like this.

“So you wanna see this movie?”

Uhhh, yeah!” she laughed at the apparent ignorance of my question. “But tickets are sold out everywhere opening week. Believe me. I checked.”

She slid off of me, her excitement fizzling out, as she came to the realization that seeing this movie when she wanted wasn’t happening, not on her own anyway. But somebody who knew the right people, in the right places, could make it happen for her — if they wanted to.

I hung onto that thought for a minute, careful not to say something I couldn’t take back.

This thing we got is good, but it’s fragile. One swing in the wrong direction could fuck it up, and I don’t know if I want to take that chance. A movie’s just a movie, but taking our thing outside this room makes it something else, something that can be confused for something more serious like… a relationship, and I’m not trying to do that with her. I’ve had enough of those to know that shit’s not for me, but… being here sometimes with her — under me, on top of me, beside me — looking at me in that way she does, fucks me up, man. Shit.

“I got you.”

Her eyebrows wrinkled at the obscurity of my response. “On what?”

“The tickets. You wanna go, right?”

“Yeah, but…” Her voice trailed away; confusion posted all over her face. “With you?”

I laughed. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“No– It’s not– I didn’t– I’m just–”

“When’s the movie coming out?” I relieved her of her struggle.


“Alright. Let me know what you wanna do.”

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Part 2: Summer

A sneak peek at what Camilla’s been up to during the two month transition to the next part of the story.

2 Months Later…


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Episode 5: Stress and Stuff – Part 3

After experiencing what feels like her first W in forever, Camilla treats herself to the dinner of all dinners, but contemplates giving it all up when someone she’d rather avoid also chooses fine dining for their Saturday evening plans.

Secure a roommate, check. Pay off my back rent, check. Perform a celebratory dance in the street like no one’s looking because I’m finally debt-free, check, check and check! Ugh! This feeling of things going just the way I wanted was so euphoric like, the high it gave was better than good music, good food, good sex even — and that’s saying something. These once-in-a-blue-moon vibes were way too special to let waste away on the sidewalk, and with a whole hour on my hands before my ride was due to arrive, I took this party of one, down a few blocks, to this expensive sushi-noodle place, for the dinner of all dinners.

The inside was packed, just as you would expect on a Saturday evening, in a restaurant of this caliber, but it was well worth the wait. Everything on the menu, and I mean everything looked delicious. My original plan was to order a whole smorgasbord of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, because I’m celebrating, right? But the tables were on the smaller side and could only house a few plates and maybe a couple of bowls; so after a round of cuts, mind changes, and complete inner turmoil, I narrowed my selections down to my top four dishes.

Once my order was in, the stars aligned — once again — and presented me with the best table in the entire restaurant! It was right in the window, in the furthest part of the dining room, tucked away just enough to grant privacy from the other diners, but close enough to give me a full view of everything. The low hanging blinds blocked out all of the sun’s harsh lighting, allowing the dimly lit candle to illuminate things with its own soft glow — elevating the whole private-dinner-vibe from a seven to a ten!

I took a sip of my drink and as the waitress and her crowded serving tray approached, swapped my glass for my phone, and sent my fingers to work on a decoy text. Once that was done, I kept my head down, avoiding eye contact, as she struggled to arrange everything in the limited dining space. Eventually, she figured out a functional layout and after blessing me with a bottle of sriracha, disappeared from the table without so much as one judgmental look. God, love this place!

Everything I needed for this dinner-to-remember was right in front of me, but a little entertainment would take this celebration to a whole new level. Fortunately, I came prepared with ear buds and a phone, fully stocked with the newest season of my favorite show, Graylight.

Before the opening scene even had a chance to finish, I was face down in my bowl of Pad Thai, chopsticks in hand, with my eyes glued to the screen. The main character, Lux, had just been confronted by her dad, Nicky, who was pissed off after finding out the huge secret she’d been hiding for months. Right then, after receiving, what he considers, devastating news, he turned to her boyfriend, Dre, who he despises, and the look on his face said — something’s about to pop off! With all this drama happening so fast, I needed a moment to prepare myself for what was coming next; so I paused the video and took my eyes off the screen for a second. One second. And that’s all it took to ruin my appetite.

Over by the bar, was Salim, casually placing an order like he wasn’t impeding on my plans. There were hundreds of restaurants in this city — 346, to be exact; according to my pre-move research and he just had to choose this one on the one day I could actually afford to eat here? Guess I’m all tapped out on the good luck today. Before I could find something to be fake-distracted with, he spun around, and in his search for an empty table, locked eyes with mine, for a second. Just a second. But that was long enough for him to make the decision to walk over.

With the way things went in the elevator that day, I couldn’t see why he would even want to talk to me, unless… he didn’t want to talk at all. What if he was coming to pick up where we left off? To remind me of how wrong I was for making assumptions and then using those assumptions as the basis for accusations that weren’t even true? What if he goes off in front of all of these people and we get thrown out for disorderly conduct? How will I finish my food? Will they at least let me pack a few to-go plates first?

I wanted to break away from the table, find a hiding spot in the bathroom, and stay there until he realized that public humiliation wasn’t really necessary, especially for some week old drama, but his feet moved way quicker than the escape plan generator in my head, and I… didn’t know what to do besides… sit there.

“I take it you haven’t eaten in a few…” he looked over my assortment of dishes, “weeks?”

A joke? So, he’s not mad? Thank God.

My shoulders relaxed and my tightly folded arms fell into my lap. “I had a really good day so I’m celebrating.”

“Oh?” his eyebrow raised an entire inch as he slid into the empty seat across from me, “What are we celebrating?”

We aren’t celebrating anything,” I said, “You don’t have time for crazy, remember?”

That was kind of a low-blow, I know, but what can I say? His sense of humor is infectious.

“I did say that,” he laughed at my witty comeback, “but it’s only because you said we don’t have a spot.”

“That’s because we don’t.”

He paused, a smile appearing across his lips, as if he had taken my response as some kind of challenge. “That’s not the way I see it.”

Was that a flir—

Before I could break down whatever he may have been insinuating with that comment, the waitress, who must’ve thought we were together, returned, this time with his food. She rearranged the table again, to make room for his much simpler meal, and just like last time, whisked away without so much as one curious look about what was said before she arrived.

Speaking of which—

“I’m… sorry,” he changed the subject before I could get to it, “for what I said in the elevator the other day. I was having a really, really bad day and I took it out on you. You didn’t deserve that.”

Those words flowed effortlessly from his mouth like they had been rehearsed, thought over, reconsidered, and even changed a few times. His expression matched the regret in his tone and as he sat there awaiting my acceptance of his beautiful apology, I found myself drowning in his sincerity, which was something… I wasn’t used to… Not from men…

“Really, really bad days are sort of my specialty,” I passed him the sriracha, “so, how about we eat and forget about bad days, okay?”

Under the guise of my excellent advice, we moved on from the topics of arguments and bad moods to the stuff that really matters, like books, food, and TV shows. We debated the irrationality of his hatred for strawberries, the fact that Hot Cheetos are going extinct, the controversial ending of the Crisis Barn book series — and every. single. time, we ended up on opposite ends of the argument. So as our conversation moved into the subject of Graylight, which he happened to be well-versed in too, this trend continued.

“So you don’t think Nicky and Lux’ll make up?” he asked, again.

Of course I do!” I pinched the space between my eyebrows as I explained for what felt like the tenth time, “I’m just saying that the way things went down was his fault, so he should be the one apologizing.”

He leaned into the table, just as exasperated as I was. “But you’re not saying how it’s his fault though.”

“Okay, well, for one,” I held up a finger, “he’s way too overbearing. Two,” I held up another, “I get the surprise about the pregnancy, but he’s overreacting big time.”

He sucked his teeth, throwing his body back into his chair; a clear indicator of his differing opinion.

“And let me guess,” I rolled my eyes, “You don’t agree?”

“Nah, see, look at it this way,” he attempted to change my mind, again, “When Lux and Dre were teens, they did a lot of lying, a lot of sneaking around, right?”


“And it was so bad that she snuck off to a whole different city to spend the weekend with him when her parents thought she was at her friend’s house, right?”

“That was years ago though.”

“True,” he agreed with me, for once, “But from a parent’s perspective, I can see why Nicky feels like she’ll always be making mistakes as long as Dre’s around — and I like Dre, so don’t come for me.”

Okay, he may have made a few points — a few — but he would never hear that from me.

“So, I guess you gained this perspective from all the kids you’ve raised, right?”

“Nah, this all me,” he chuckled, “I’m not even thinking about kids right now.”

“Finally, something we agree on.”

Curious about the “show”, Graylight? Check out the story’s homepage.

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Episode 5: Stress and Stuff – Part 2

Camilla conducts her final roommate interview for the week and it’s… to say the least… interesting.

If you skipped the last episode because of 18+ content, check out the episode summary first.

I closed the car door behind me and inched a few steps onto the sidewalk. He pulled away from the curb and as he eased toward the traffic light, gave me a nod goodbye, before picking up speed and joining the others at the end of the street. I waited a few minutes — long enough for him to disappear from my sight and a few extra just in case he double-backed to try and catch a glimpse of my anonymous associate. When I was sure he was gone, like on-the-highway-headed-to-wherever-he-was-going gone, I walked down to my real destination.

I drew in a deep breath as I pulled open the glass door, preparing myself for the foolishness that was sure to unfold. I stepped inside, giving a quick look to my left, followed by another to my right. At a small table, in the center of the dining room, motioned an enthusiastic hand in my direction. Pandora was her name. The final applicant in this weeklong saga. She was an industrial engineer for the largest manufacturing plant in the city. She had like four degrees, which for a 25-year-old, well, anyone really, was pretty impressive and according to findajob.com, made bank in that position. Her profile was normal, for the most part; no obvious red flags, but there was this one thing I didn’t get — this whole situation, actually. Her, a single person, with no kids and her income, needing a roommate. I mean, I wasn’t in her pockets or anything, but I was pretty sure she didn’t need to live with anyone, especially in a rundown apartment on the southside, so there had to be something, and all of the awful possibilities that ran through my mind of what that something could be was exactly why I was expecting the ab-so-lute worst.

“Camilla!” she shouted as if the flailing of her arms wasn’t enough to garner my attention, “Over here!”

A small group of customers looked in my direction; discontent on their faces like I was the reason she left her inside voice at home. I lowered my head as I walked past them, my fingers clenching the bottoms of my sleeves; feelings of dread intensifying with each and every step.

“OH-MY-GOSH! You’re even prettier in person!” she blurted out as soon as I arrived at the table. “I knew you would be.”

Her smile was wide and her eyes, as bright as a girl’s in the presence of her crush. It could’ve been my nerves getting the best of me, but that greeting, especially the last part, felt more appropriate for a blind date than a roommate interview.

I seated myself across from her trying to ignore the uneasiness that was attempting to overthrow me. “Thanks…”

“No, seriously,” she continued on, “but you get that all the time, right? I’m sure you do. I know you do. And your hair!” she reached across the napkin holder that sat between us and caressed one of my curls, “It’s soooo—”

Before she could even get the rest of her words out, I jerked away from the table, my chair flying back an inch or two, earning a few snickers from that earlier group of customers.

“Is everything okay?” she leapt from her chair; regret plastered all over her face, “I’m sorry, I—”

My entire body stiffened as I backed away from her. “I need coffee!” I spat out the first excuse that came to mind, “I’ll… be back.”

See, this is exactly what I was worried about. Being in my space, touching my things. I hadn’t even considered touching me being a reason for concern, but within the 60 seconds we had known each other, she had already managed to commit the cardinal sin. How am I supposed to handle living with her? And the compliments— what’s with all the compliments? I mean, they’re not inherently bad; most of the time, they’re welcome even, but it’s a whole other thing when you’re drowning in them. I can’t. There was no way this was going to work.

I glanced over at the table where she sat with her chin propped against her hand. The light in her eyes had dimmed and the smile that nearly covered the entire width of her face was nonexistent. She was… sad? How does she get to be sad when I was the one violated? If anything, I should have been the one sulking, but I wasn’t. Instead, I was standing near the counter, pretending to order a coffee, with money I didn’t have, just to create some distance between us. I took another look over there and could’ve sworn I saw her wipe away a tear. She’s crying now too? Seriously? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!

I wanted to ignore her; pretend like I didn’t see any of that, but I did see it, and the stupid conscious my mom’s been warning me about my entire fucking life kicked in, dragging me back to the table to give her another chance.

She lifted her head with hopeful eyes. “You’re back?”

“Yeah…” I slid into my seat, “the line’s kind of long. I don’t need coffee that bad.”

“Here!” she eagerly offered me her half-drunken latte, “Have mine! I don’t need it.”

“I’m good,” I declined her gross, but generous, offer, “but thanks.”

She sat the cup down and pulled it close to her chest; her fingertips tapping away at its sides. “Yeah– of course…” her eyes wandered away from the table, “I shouldn’t have offered…”

The finger tapping, the eye roaming. I’d recognize those signs anywhere. She was nervous and that made her awkward introduction make a little more sense.

I steered the conversation in a more comfortable direction; one that, judging from her profile, was something she loved to talk about. “So you’re an engineer, right?”

I listened as she told me about her office, her boss, her projects and goals. She was passionate, ambitious and slightly obsessed with every aspect of work. As she spoke, her demeanor calmed and so did her hands, which stayed on her side of the table. From what I could tell, her only real issues were excessive flattery, long-winded sentences, and having no interests outside of work. Compared to the other six weirdos I met with, she was the closest to normal.

There was still that one question though…

“So why did you leave your last apartment? North Atwood’s way nicer than the south.”

“Oh…” she wrapped her hands around her cup as her fingertips resumed their nervous dance, “My roommate moved out of state and I saw your ad and thought, why not? South Atwood’s way closer to my job and with the cheaper rent, I could… I don’t know,” she gave a nervous chuckle, “save up for a jet ski or something…”

A large purchase? I guess that would explain the need for cheaper rent. Better than what I was thinking…

After hearing, what felt like, her entire life’s story, I had all the info I needed. I offered her the room and just as I was about to leave to kick off my last few days of privacy, she said–

“I know your ad said Monday but… is it possible I could move in tonight?”

TONIGHT?! Nooooooo! I’m not ready! I was supposed to have two more nights alone! Two! And now she–

“It’s short notice, I know,” she apologized, “but it would really help me out and I can pay! Double the deposit,” she pulled out her phone, “I’ll send everything to you right now. Is CashPay okay?”

Did she say… double… the deposit? I guess it wouldn’t kill me to change up my plans.

I texted her my CashPay info and with a much healthier bank account balance, handed over my spare key. “I guess I’ll see you tonight.”

“I. Can’t. Wait!”

Credits: This lot is a slightly edited version of Rise&Grind Coffee House by littledica.


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I checked in on her today and she was not pleased with being left to do “normal sim things” while I was off working on my side projects. Luckily for her, I missed her too so Camilla and all of her drama will be returning soon! If you need to catch up or you’re new to the story, now’s a good time to dive in cause after these next few episodes, shit. is. about. to. pop. off!

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Episode 5: Stress and Stuff – Part 1

After a long, long week of ‘roommate hunting’, Camilla relieves her stress the best way she knows how. During this stress-relief session, she finds Amir’s behavior to be a little… different.

This episode contains images/content that Google does not approve of, so to read the full episode, click here.

One Week Later…

This roommate search was stressing me the FUCK out! Nothing was going right. NOTHING! Not with the matches, not with the applicants—especially the applicants. They were the worst. All six of them. Six wholeass humans, and you couldn’t pay me to live with any of them—literally. First one, was an art major from ASU who, by all accounts, should’ve been a great match— No, the perfect match. I mean, she’s 23, I’m 24. She’s an artist, I’m… someone who… once identified as an artist. She even shared my love of Hot Cheetos—which aren’t nearly as popular in Atwood as they are in Colebrook—but when we met, and she got to talking about how her dead guinea pig advises her on all of her creative projects, I got the fuck out of there as quickly as my feet would allow. The others weren’t any better either, with their weird requests or other questionable demands, so after a full week of nonstop fuckery, all I wanted to do was…



and the weekend couldn’t get here fast enough.

So I broke a rule—an unspoken one, but a rule nonetheless—about boundaries, personal information, and other things we had no business knowing about each other by letting Amir pick me up near my apartment. This decision, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t have even been considered, but with my car in Jesminder’s custody while hers was in the shop—this emergency meet up, the one that had been on my mind all week—was worthy of a little rule-breaking.

And once we made this emergency contact in the room that over the past couple of weeks, had become ‘our spot’, for like an hour, he did what he did best; making me forget all about the troubles that had dominated the past week. The roommates, the money—none of it mattered when we were together, and honestly, I could stay wrapped up in this, this feeling, in this hotel room forever.

But it wasn’t over yet. I still had one more interview to go, one that I hoped would be my last, one that I needed to leave this bed to get to, but that was going to be a challenge ‘cause…

I was being held hostage—confined to this room with no foreseeable way out.

See, this was our thing. We have sex, I try to leave, he coerces me to stay; and we get lost in this room all over again. So for him, today wasn’t any different from any other day—except it was different because the future of my entire living situation depended on me getting out of here and over to Starbucks.

“Amir! Come ON!” I pleaded through uncontrollable giggles as I struggled to break free from his grasp. “I really do have to go.”

He had me pinned down underneath him; my wrists held firmly above my head and my legs, secured tightly around his waist.

He had no intentions of letting me go.

“You always got somewhere to go.” He trailed kisses from my lips down to my belly—proving my assumption correct.

“I always… mmm…” I shuddered at every brush of his lips against my flesh, “have things to do.”

He released my arms as he inched closer to his destination, and my hands instinctively dropped to his head. “Like what?” He swapped his grip on my wrists for my hips. “What do you have to do?”

His questions… I heard them but chose not to answer; instead, I closed my eyes, and savored these last few moments before my focus would shift from intoxicating pleasure to escaping this room.

My legs were over his shoulders, and my fingers were running through his hair. I was exactly where he wanted me, but he seemed more interested in what I had going on outside this room than what was right in front of him, which was another thing that was different about today.

This line of questioning—poking that boundary that we sort-of, kind-of crossed already—that was new.

“What do you have to do?” He asked again, this time with a little more authority.

His demand fell on deaf ears, though ’cause I wasn’t telling him nothing, but that didn’t deter him, in fact, it seemed to only encourage him to try harder.

And that’s exactly what he did but this approach… was a little more… effective…

“Tell me what you have to do, Camilla.” He bit down on my inner thigh, swirling his tongue dangerously close to the place that held the power to make me give him whatever he wanted. “Tell me what it is.” He bit down again and again and again.

I tried to fight against it—the urge to take my panties off, and let him find the answers to every fucking thing he could ever want to know; but my perseverance was wearing thin. He knew that too, so he continued with the biting, and the licking, and the questions until I finally caved. “I have to meet someone! GOD!”

That answer—the one he wanted to know so badly—must’ve done something because he stopped with the torture, and brought his face back up to mine. “You’re meeting someone?”

His face… there was so much curiosity in his eyes. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was jealousy, but… that didn’t make any sense seeing as he said he didn’t want a girlfriend, and that emotion’s reserved for the girl you’re dating—not the random one you’re fucking.

“Yes.” I smirked at his inquisitive expression. “So can I get dressed now?”

He stayed in that position, face-to-face with me, like he was trying to decide what he wanted to do. His lips parted once like there was something he wanted to say, but the words never left his mouth, so he lifted a little, just enough for me to slide from under him, and finally let me leave the bed.

He laid across from me, watching as I got dressed. “So this person you’re meeting,” he said. “Is a… friend?”

He was still doing it. The questions. Why was he so curious about who I was going to see?

“Nosy much?” I laughed at his clumsy attempt at getting in my business.

“Nah.” He dropped his head to disguise the hint of embarrassment on his face. “I’m just asking.”

He most definitely was not just asking, but… I did need his transportation since the plan was for Jesminder to pick me up after the meetup, so I decided to give him something.

“I wouldn’t call them a friend.” I knelt down on the bed, which he took as an invitation to get me back in his arms. “Maybe more like… an associate— A business associate.”

He pulled me closer, eager for the details of my afternoon activities. “What kind of business does he have?”

I smiled at how bad he was at this. His assumption that I was going to meet a guy; that I used the term ‘business associate’ to disguise the identity of this guy. That anything I could possibly have going on had to be about a guy. All this concern over this fictitious guy… Maybe I was right about the jealousy thing…

I could’ve corrected him; let him know it was actually a girl I was meeting with, and that the business I mentioned was technically mine, but I didn’t because… I don’t have to. Besides, I’m sure he has a few other women in his back pocket anyway.

So, I shifted the conversation back to securing my ride. “So do you think you could drop me off downtown?”

“Oh, so we done with corners?” He made fun of our earlier pickup arrangement.

There was no way I was giving him the opportunity to find out whether or not his suspicions were valid. The corner closest to Starbucks will have to do.

“More like trading one corner for another.”

He caressed my lower back as he tried once again to coax more information out of me. “What’s with the corners though?”

“Corners are safe.” I ran my fingers through his hair. “In case you’re crazy or a stalker or something.”

“Stalker, huh?” He laughed. “You think imma do something to you?”

Probably not—but it’s not impossible. There are a number of ways to hurt people, not all of them physical, and I wasn’t trying to get caught up in any of them—in any kind of way–so my guard was up. All the way up.

“I’m not sure yet. “I shrugged. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see…”


Episode 4: Plans and Stuff – Part 4

Camilla and her friends get her apartment ready for her online “roommate seeker” profile.

The apartment was clean and the ad was posted. By this time next week, this space’ll be co-owned by a stranger, an outsider, an alien, a random and I — was nowhere near ready for any of it. I had the whole night to think it over, weigh all the pros and cons, and as much as I hate the idea of giving up yet another thing, especially something as sacred as my privacy, my personal space where I can just be me, there was a silver lining; one that allows me to regain a semblance of the tiny piece of good that I left behind; the one thing I’ve missed daily since moving away and that… was my apartment… back home…

It was right in the heart of the city; central to anything you could ever want to do. There were restaurants, bars, clubs, even cozy little bookstores, all in within walking distance but even with all of that around me and the sweet temptation of city lights shining through my living room window, I chose to stay home because it had everything I wanted. I spent years, two years to be exact, saving and decorating — getting things exactly how I wanted them. My bedroom was like my own little fortress and the studio I meticulously placed right in front of it’s massive window provided the best lighting and even better inspiration. The things I would draw or write were far better than anything I had ever produced. Even my sleep was amazing — It was amazing — and that was something I wanted back. Loving my space again. Wanting to come home to my space again… so if a roommate will help me get that feeling again… I guess I can put on a smile and at least look a little welcoming in this profile picture….

On to the next week…

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Episode 4: Plans and Stuff – Part 3

After work, Camilla meets up with her friends to discuss possible solutions to her problems.

If you needed to skip the previous episode because of triggering content, check out the summary here first!

Our brainstorming session commenced in Jesminder’s living room over a large meat and veggie pizza, three cans of orange soda and our daily dose of Cassandra’s gossip. I filled my plate with another slice of pizza and grabbed a seat next to her on the sofa. I listened as she detailed all of the dirty secrets she learned about Coffee Bae’s coworkers today and found myself wondering how much of all this was actually true. Coming off of that argument with Salim earlier today had me questioning things — not about her or her trustworthiness — I didn’t doubt that one bit, even if she couldn’t keep a secret to save her life, but more about how the things we hear are usually a version of the truth and not the actual truth especially when they travel through the grapevine, like my mom would say. It was this realization that made his words stick, the ones he said right before leaving the elevator, the ones that shattered everything I had assumed about him — things I only assumed because of the rumors I heard.

I floated out of my thoughts and back into the room just as she was finishing up the last few details of her report. Things were too far gone at this point to fix with Salim, I knew that, but I could still clear my conscience by correcting the info that started this whole thing in the first place.

I tucked my body into the corner of the sofa, bracing myself for the barrage of questions that were sure to follow this huge announcement. “Did you know that Salim and his wife… aren’t together anymore?”

The maniacal grin that spanned across her lips the moment those words left my mouth — had me rethinking this whole conscience-clearing mission — but it was too late. The information was with her now.

“Oh-my-fucking-god!” She tossed her plate onto the coffee table as the news of their failed marriage tantalized her insatiable appetite for gossip. “I can’t believe he finally left her!” She shrieked as she threw herself across the sofa to grill me for more details. “When did this happen? How did you find out? Did he tell you? Did he seem sad? I bet he wasn’t. Was he?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged off her incredibly invasive questions. “He just kinda mentioned it when I saw him today.”

“I bet she tried to stab him again.” She presented her own, most likely inaccurate, theory. “You know this one time–“

“Hold up –” Jesminder crashed the conversation just in time to prevent the inception of yet another rumor. “Who the fuck is Salim? And before y’all answer that, is he gon’ help pay this rent?”

At the risk of saying the wrong thing and pissing her off in the process, Cassandra and I both opted for silence.

“That’s what I thought.” She sat down in the chair adjacent to us. “So can we maybe get to, I don’t know.” She threw her hands up. “Figuring out how to keep your ass from being homeless?”

“For the record though.” Cassandra placed a comforting hand on my knee. “I would never let you be homeless.”

See, this is why I love her. Gossiping and all that other stuff she does is nothing compared to what she’s always willing to do for me.

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“Of course we would never let her be homeless!” Jesminder sneered at her, breaking up our little Hallmark moment. “But that’s besides the point.” She turned her attention to me. “You gotta figure your finances out and that shit runs deeper than where you sleep at, at night.”

And that’s why I love her. Even though she has a… way with words, she makes my problems her problems — and she doesn’t play about her problems.

“I know…” I nodded.

You know, I could just spot you the money.” Cassandra, once again, came to my rescue. “We can call it an early Christmas gift or something.”

As much as I would love to take her up on her offer and be done with this whole debt thing, I couldn’t. She spent way too much money on me already, always buying me lunch or paying for my drinks, if we add rent to the list, we may have to find a new label for this friendship and that was a direction I was not trying to go in.

“Cass, no.” I turned down her generous offer. “You already do so much for me already but thank you. It means a lot.”

“It’s not a big deal though.” She tried to reassure me. “Since I’m in good with my parents again, you know they’re taking care of basically everything which means I have way more money than I can spend and believe me, I’ve tried.” She sunk into the sofa, zoned out in some weird unfulfilled-rich-kid trance. “There’s only so many tarot decks and red bottoms a girl could buy…”

“And that only solves half her problem anyway.” Jesminder snapped her back into reality. “Next month, she’ll be right back here again. What she needs is some extra income — not a handout.”

“Ooh!” Cassandra sprang forward, pulling her phone from her pocket.” You could try freelancing. People are always looking for logos and stuff for their businesses.” She tapped the screen a few times then shoved it in my face. “See, look!”

This thing she wanted me to see was an app for freelancing creatives called Dollar Gigs. I scrolled through a few postings on the homepage which were mostly design and illustration stuff; all things I was familiar with but–

Jesminder joined us on the sofa to check out the app for herself. “All this shit right here.” She scrolled through the recent projects of one of the featured creators. “You already know how to do so use those skills to make you some money — maybe even enough to get you some furniture, set up a studio and quit that job you hate so much.”

Quit my job? In the mailroom? And be completely free from letters and packages and deliveries forever? The sound of that alone was enough to inspire me to dig out my sketchpad and for the first time in months, allow my pencil to leave its mark on at least one of the blank pages inside but I know it wouldn’t, even if I tried because no matter how many times I try, it doesn’t and at this point, I don’t think it will, ever again.

I looked down at the phone again at all of those portfolios full of projects by artists who hadn’t lost their passion. “I don’t know y’all.” I attempted to elaborate on these strange feelings of creative anguish. “I think I lost my mojo or whatever it’s called. I can’t even create for myself… let alone somebody else.”

“You ain’t lose it.” Jesminder took the phone from me, passing it back to Cassandra on her way across the room. “You just too busy worrying ’bout everything to let your creativity do its thing.” She reclaimed her seat in the chair next to the sofa. “You know, Cass used to be just like that too, ain’t that right?”

“Girl, yes!” Cassandra jumped to her feet as she relived her days of life in the orchestra. “Every time we had a show, I would get so nervous, I would straight up forget how to play!” She laughed as she continued her story, “So this one time, we had this show at the Elton Theater downtown and I just could not get it together–“

Hold up. Cassandra Goth — the girl who once took her top off at the pretzel shop just to make good on a dare from one of her Simstagram followers — had actual… fears? Moments of weakness where she couldn’t act because she was… afraid or confused or… lost? That was news to me.

I was nearly at the edge of my seat, still in shock by this revelation and needing to hear the rest of this story. “So, what happened?”

“The rest of the strings tried to jump me!” She burst out laughing. “For ruining their moment and shit.”

I relaxed into the sofa, struggling to picture a group of classically trained musicians going complete ape shit in public. “You got jumped by… the orchestra?”

“Don’t let them violins fool you.” She plopped back down next to me as her walk down memory lane came to an end. “Those girls can fight.”

“But that’s not the point.” Jesminder steered us back on track as usual. “The point is that you can get your creative mojo back too.”

Maybe she was right. I mean, if Cassandra found something that worked for her…

“So, how did you get yours back?” I asked in hopes of finding my own personal solution.

“Girl, I dropped out,” she replied in a tone that was just as lax as her body was in her seat. “Best decision of my life! The FREEDOM!”

“What the fuck, Cass!” Jesminder sent an angry pillow flying her way. “That’s not what she needed to hear!”

“My bad.” She shrugged. “I forgot we were on some motivational speech type shit.”

“The way… I want to strangle you sometimes,” Jesminder grumbled as she demonstrated the aforementioned strangling with her hands, “I swear to God!”

Silence took the floor as we each retreated to the realms of our own thoughts. Minutes upon minutes had passed and the only sounds in the room were those from the TV and the occasional word or two from Kaelyn who, to my surprise, had been quietly eating her pizza throughout this whole conversation. She has to be the most patient toddler in the entire planet. I thought for sure, we were done brainstorming, completely out of options for these problems of mine, until Cassandra leapt from the comfortable position in her seat again in another fit of excitement. “I got it! You need a roommate!”

A roommate?

“You know what? She’s right.” Jesminder replied in a rare moment of agreement between the two of them. “You have an extra bedroom that you’re not using so rent it out. Charge a deposit and first month’s rent upfront and that’ll cover your past due rent and leave you a little extra to carry you into next month.”

As good as the money sounds, especially the part about the extra, this roommate thing… I don’t know. My last roommate situation didn’t end well and she was someone I trusted but sharing my space with a stranger… with all my stuff…

My hesitancy must’ve been written all over my face because the girls were now demanding an answer.

“Sooooo?” Cassandra asked.

“Unless you have a better idea.” Jesminder joined in on the rushing along of my decision-making.

“I don’t… so…” I reluctantly agreed with this plan, “let’s do it…”

Author’s Note

This version of the story often includes themes or events that took place in the last one, just a little differently. If you recall, in the OG story when Camilla first moved to San Myshuno, she rented a two bedroom apartment because it was the first/cheapest thing she found with immediate availability, and since she was having trouble finding a job, she put out an ad for a roommate which gave her three potential matches, one being Cassandra. Since we were still doing gameplay at the time and the roommate thing was glitching for me, I had Cassandra back out of moving in with her but to make it up to her, she helped her find a job and they became friends. I had a lot of fun with the roommate thing the first time around and really wanted to see that come back but of course… it will be… much, much different! 😈


Introducing the Ladies of BLUV’D

A 90s inspired photoshoot featuring the stars of Camilla: Vol. One – Impulse as chart topping girl group, BLUV’D! Includes CC links for the things pictured as well.

I had this idea to do a 90s inspired photoshoot with these ladies based on a comment I got from one my friends about them on another post. Of course, me being me, I had to come up with a little backstory for this whole thing and it goes something like this:

In an alternate universe, Camilla, Cassandra and Jesminder were members of a 90s R&B group by the name of BLUV’D. They were hugely successful with their first, self-tilted album achieving double platinum status and with their subsequent releases performing just as well. They were seen as trendsetters on the hip hop scene and earned several endorsement deals from well-known brands which eventually led to them starting their own clothing line. Unfortunately, the girls outgrew music and went on to do other things but they always remained friends. According to unconfirmed rumors, an anniversary album may be in the works for their long time fans.

Some of my favorite pieces of CC are used in this shoot so I’ll list them below in case y’all want them too:

Cassandra’s Look

hair / top / bottoms / earrings / nails

Camilla’s Look

hair / top (same as Cassandra’s) / bottoms / earrings (by ebonixsims – unavailable) / nails

Jesminder’s Look

hair / top / bottom / earrings (same as Camilla’s) / nails (same as Cassandra’s)


I had this whole epiphany this other day about how to improve my writing process after reading some awesome advice on Tumblr (you can read about my struggle here if you’re interested) so I’m excited to say that the next episode of Camilla – Vol. One: Impulse will be out soon!

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