It was the first day of their candy selling scheme and Case and Dash were eager to start making money. They stood with their uncle in front of the first place on the list that he’d put together for them, Ingram Oaks, a small apartment community in San Myshuno.

“Alright, our first stop is this building over here, Ingram Oaks,” Nathan pointed at the building across the street from them,” the people that live here all have good jobs and will probably be more receptive to buying more than one candy bar, which is our overall goal.”

They had gone over the plan several times since he agreed to help a few nights ago but Nathan wanted to make sure they were fully prepared.

“Dash, why are we selling candy?” he quizzed.

“To collect donations for the orphanage in Brindleton Bay.”

“Good,” he looked over at Case, “Case, what will these donations provide?”

“Food and clean clothes for the kids with no parents.”

“Good, but, let’s call them orphans, kids with no parents sounds a little harsh.”

“Got it,” Case agreed, “orphans.”

“Alright, I think y’all are ready,” Nathan leads them across the street, “let’s make this quick though, your mom said she need’s y’all back home in a little while.”

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After being at Josh and Alanna’s all night, they finally made it back home. Nicholas laid in the bed watching Ali walk back and forth past him, distracted by her phone. They were supposed to be watching a movie together but she was still busy doing other things.

“Are you gonna leave me in this bed by myself?” he said, finally pulling her over to him.

She sat her phone down on the dresser next to the bed and climbed on top of him, “I was texting Carter, he said Trisha had the baby a little while ago,” she smiled, “and she’s sooo cute, her name’s Caia. I’ll show you the picture he sent later.”

“Cool. Lux’ll be happy to hear that. She’s been making plans to go over there since they were here the other night,” he laughed.

“Yeah …” she smiled faintly, “that makes two things she’ll be happy about.”

“Well there’s only two things she wants right now and that’s a dog and a baby,” he laughed.

She didn’t say anything.

He sat up a little, “did you get her a dog?”

“No …” she lifted up and sat on the bed next to him.

“… You’re pregnant?”

She paused for a second, then nodded, “yeah.”

“How though?” he sat up completely. “I thought you were taking your pills and stuff?”

“I don’t know, Nicky, I was, it just” she sighed, “happened, I don’t know how.”

They both sat there quietly, staring off into different directions. After talking to Alanna earlier, she felt better about the whole situation. She just hoped he was okay with it too.

“Are you mad?” she asked, not really sure what his response would be.

He reached out for her and she crawled over to him.

“Naw, you know I could never be mad at you,” he hugged her tight., “I just wasn’t expecting this.”

“I know,” she said, “me either.”

They finally turned their attention to the movie which was rolling the credits at this point.

“We’ll figure all this shit out though,” he hugged her again.

“You always say that,” she laughed.

“I’m always right though, right?”

She smiled, “Yeah, you are,” she looked up at him, “I love you, okay?”

He kissed her forehead, “I love you too.”

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New Gameplay

I finally got back to playing, yay!! So meet Warren and Ivory. These two were in a long distance relationship for almost a year until Ivory made the move to Willow Creek. She was sick of her busy life in the city and needed a change. The commute to see each other, every other weekend, was becoming more and more of a struggle so the timing was perfect. She’s an aspiring artist and just landed a job as a painter at the Art Museum. He is a writer on his way to becoming one of Willow Creek’s most talented journalists.

I’ll be positing gameplay photos of these two soon!