Staple Mods

Okay, so, these are what I like to call my staple mods. The ones that take care of a lot of little things that drive me crazy when I’m either doing gameplay or setting up scenes for storytelling. They pretty much live in my mods folder and are the first to get updated whenever there’s a patch. I highly recommend all of these as, like I said, they’re pretty much my essentials.

For more mods, check out Mod Recommendations.


The Big Mods

These aren’t problem solvers per se but I never play without them because they add so much to the game that I couldn’t imagine not having them around.

Coolspear1 Mods (you need an account to access the site):

ScarletQueenKat Mods:


Appearance (lot traits, sparkles, etc)

Sim’s Appearance and CAS Stuff:

Other Gameplay Stuff:

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