My Sims’ CC

My go-to CC resources that allow me to achieve the look of my sims seen in my stories.

Updated 5/9/2022

I’m the kind of girl who finds what she likes and sticks with it for as long as humanly possible. I rarely get bored with my defaults or feel the need to swap out presets, or sliders or whatever. Because of this, my resources are pretty simple, but contain some good stuff that have become staples in my Mods folder. Hopefully you’ll find some things you love just as much here too!


Default Replacements

Default Skin

Calluna Default Skin

Default Skin Tones

Bare Skin Tones
The Other Side (Light and Dark)

Default Teeth

Detailed Teeth

Default Eyes

Chroma Eyes

Default Feet

Feet V6

Default Female Bodies (18+)

Better Body (bottom)
Sopor Allure Breast Mesh

Default Male Bodies

Bod-E II

Favorite Eyelashes + Eyelash Remover Mod

3D Eyelashes – by Miiko
3D Eyelashes Part 1 – by Miiko
3D Eyelashes Part 2 – by Miiko
3D Eyelashes Part 3 – by Miiko
3D Eyelashes Part 4 – by Miiko
3D Lashes – by Dreamgirl
3D Lashes Part 2 – Dreamgirl
3D Lashes Part 3 – by Dreamgirl
3D Lashes Part 4 – by Dreamgirl
3D Uncurled Eyelashes – by Kijiko
3D Lashes – Kijiko
3D Lashes for Kids – by Kijiko
EA Eyelash Remover

Favorite Skin Overlays

Maxis Match

Amaryllis Skin
Myrica Skin
Azalea Skin
Heihu Face Overlay Collection
CapitalCo MilkTea Skin


All skins by Sims3melancholic
Female Skin 21

Favorite Skin Details

Face Details

About Face – Face Kit
Face Kit by Miiko
Lip Kit by Miiko
Cheekbone Overlay
Structure by faaeish
Nosey Posey by faaeish
Nose Shader by faaeish
Little Details by faaeish
Chubby Cheeks by faaeish

Face Shine

Light It Up Face Shine
Topaz Highlight
Opal Highlight

Eye Details

Eye Shape Overlays
Basic 10 Eyebag Set For All
Early Bird Eye Bags

Freckles + Moles

Blu Freckles
Naomi Freckles
Delicate Moles

Aging Details

Landline Wrinkles
Crows Feet
Decades by faaeish

Body Details

Cellulite Overlay
Defined Hands
Belly Overlay
Cleavage Overlay Collection
Pregnancy Things

Favorite Presets

Eye, Nose, Lip, Ear Presets

Nose presets by Simbience
Luumia Ear Presets
More CAS Presets V2
Various mouth presets by Ratboysims
Lip, nose, and eye presets by Squeamishsims
Various presets by Obscurus
Lip, nose, and eye presets by Evoxyr
Various lip presets by Angissi
All presets by Northernsiberiawinds

Body Presets

Hourglass and Pear presets
Hot Boy presets
Vanya preset
Athletic Body preset
Athletic Body 2 preset
All body presets by Afrosimtric

Favorite Sliders

Pouty Lip Slider
Teanmoon Mouth Scale Slider
Teanmoon Mouth Scale Slider For All
Default Nose Slider
Default Brows Slider
Default Chin Slider
Shoulder Shape Slider
Detailed Butt Slider
Body Sliders for Days
Luumia Ear Up and Down Slider

Visual Mods + CC

Tidy Details + Tattoos / Occult + Get Famous Add-On / Acne Add-On
Tidy Accessories
Golden Light – CAS Lighting
CAS Blob Remover (there are many online; this is just one I found)
Night Loading Screen
Default Replacement Maps (I use the LS (low saturation version))
Default Terrain Re-texture
Default Food Re-textures (links to article)


Check out the Mods Recommendations section


Twinkle Toes Lighting Mod
SummerPop Reshade preset
My Editing Process (coming soon)

Must Have Mods for Sims 4 Parenthood

A breakdown of some mods that are must haves for the Sims 4 Parenthood.

Parenthood is one of my favorite game packs but like all packs, there’s always something I wish there was a little more or a little less of. The mods in this article help tone down or get rid of a lot of annoying things introduced with the pack as well as add new gameplay or cosmetic changes. As a bonus, I threw in a short tutorial for enabling child support payments with MC Command Center.

Beginners: If you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.

Before downloading any mods, be sure to read the full download post and follow all directions specified by the creator. Mods tend to “break” after patches so always check the creator’s website for updates.

* Parenthood pack may be required for these mods *

Make Less Mess/Clean Less Mess by Miss Puff

Ever feel like the kids and toddlers in game are constantly making messes? Like they just break out of whatever interaction they were performing just to go make a random mess? Or worse, to clean up the mess they just made for absolutely no reason at all? Well this mod helps with that by changing the autonomy of the “Make a Mess” and “Clean Up Mess” interactions making them occur less often. With this mod installed, the likelihood of messes being made or cleaned up will also be influenced by trait, mood and character value level.

Chores by littlemssam

This mod makes the bulletin board that comes with the pack useful for more than just obsessively hanging drawings and leaving notes by adding cleaning schedules for members of your sims’ household. Great for teaching your sim kids responsibility or large households which are notorious for staying dirty.

Lunchbox Replacement by aroundthesims4

Tired of brown sack lunches and want your sims to carry their leftovers in something a little more stylish instead? Well with this mod, you can choose between three super cute lunchboxes that will override the sack lunches in game. Styles include: plastic Tupperware container, kids lunchbox and dabba/canister. This is a default replacement which means it will override all lunchboxes in game. Be sure to read the directions before downloading.

* scroll down to the last three options towards the bottom of the page *

School Project is Fun for Some by littlemssam

This is a really simple mod that makes school projects a little more fun for sims based on their grade in school. As you can probably guess, A students receive a large boost to their fun motive and D and F students receive no boost at all.

No More School Project Box by Nova JY

If you and your sims happen to hate school projects no matter how fun they promise to be, this mod gets rid of them for you.

No Autonomous Set Table by littlemssam

If your sims have requested not to have fancy table settings during meals but the kids in the house refuse to listen, this mod should cure them of their mustsetthetableitis.

Parenting Skill for Teens and More by littlemssam

Ever heard the saying, it takes a village to raise a child? Well, I believe this is absolutely true and I also believe that the village should also earn parenting skills from taking care of those children. With this mod, other family members such as grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and step-siblings can all earn parenting skills when caring for and disciplining children. Also unlocks the parenting skill for teens too!

Faster Gain and Lose Character Values by Diffevair

If you tend to play on shorter or longer lifespans, this mod might be useful in helping your child and teen sims earn as many positive (or negative) character values before aging up.

No Ask for Advice — Parenthood by PolarBearSims

When you play large households, the constant need for advice can be a little overwhelming at times. With this mod, child and teen sims will no longer ask for advice unless directed to do so by you.

Lower Threshold for Parenthood Traits by tyjokr

Feel like it’s way too easy to raise well-mannered, empathetic, responsible kids? Well this mod makes it a lot easier to fall into the threshold for negative character value traits and ultimately makes you and the sim parent work a little harder to raise good kids.

No Change into Bear Costume by PolarBearSims

Okay so, I am NOT a fan of that bear costume, like at all, lol. If you feel the same way, this mod might be great for you. It prevents child sims from autonomously changing into the costume but unfortunately does not get rid of the negative moodlet that comes from not wearing it during the Bear Phase.

Bear Phase Tweak by Bienchen 83

With this mod the Bear Phase is gone! Well, not really but it’s way more bearable (lol) because with this mod, child sims will change into either a princess or pirate costume instead of those ugly bear suits. There’s two flavors; one that removes the sad moodlet completely (if they don’t wear the costume) and another that keeps the sad moodlet but weakens its intensity.

* scroll down to or search for “bearphasetweak” *

Clingy Childhood Phase Tweak by Bienchen 83

This mod prevents child sims who are going through the Clingy Phase from becoming tense from being around their siblings, grandparents or close friends.

* scroll down to or search for “clingychildhoodphasetweak” *

Granny’s Super Soup by Bienchen 83

I’ve mentioned a few times how much I love food mods so it’s probably easy to guess that this one is one of my favorites. It transforms the Minestrone recipe into a special super soup that can help fight colds and pimples and can only be prepared by sims with at least level 5 parenting skill. Also requires the Dine Out game pack.

* scroll down to or search for “grannyssupersoup” *

Parenthood Food Retexture by Utopia Sims

Check out this article for HD food retextures for all Sims 4 packs as well as custom foods your sims will love!

Parents deserve a little love and romance too, right? And if there’s parenthood, there’s a good chance pregnancy’s happening somewhere too so check out my other articles for mods all about romance and pregnancy:

5 Must Have Mods for Realistic Relationships in Sims 4
16 Mods for Better Romance & Relationships in Sims 4
Better Pregnancies in Sims 4

Enable Child Support with MC Command Center

So this has nothing to do with the Parenthood game pack but since this post is pretty much about parents and parenting, I thought I’d throw this one in there too. So MC Command Center has this really cool feature that allows parents of child sims to collect child support from the non-custodial parent (parent the child does not live with). It happens automatically and applies to all households in the world where there are children living with only one parent.

To activate this feature: Click on any computer in any sim household from live view and select MC Command Center from the pie menu:

Next select MCCC Settings.

Then Money Settings > Pay Child Support.
This determines if an additional amount will be added to the active household’s weekly bills for each child they have that does not live with them.

Select the “value” or status of the custodial parent (parent the child lives with) for child support earnings/payments to occur. Options are:
A = All
M = Married Only
U = Unmarried Only
N = None

Next, select Back then Child Support Percent.

Enter the percentage of your choice. The default is 1% and takes into account the non-custodial parent’s total worth which includes lot value plus total funds. You can choose a number between 1%-1000%. I would aim for something realistic like 3%-10% just to be safe.

And that’s it! I hope you find the mods and suggestions listed here helpful!

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out Must Have Mods for Sims 4 Seasons!

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Better Pregnancies in Sims 4

A breakdown of the best mods that improve pregnancies in the Sims 4.

My preferred style of play is legacy style, which means there’s almost always someone in my sim family having a baby. Pregnancies, as-is, are a little lackluster to me, so here are a few of my favorite mods and some extra tips using MC Command Center and Wicked Whims (18+) that I think makes the whole pregnancy experience much, much better.

Note for Beginners: If you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide:

Click the mod’s name for the link.

MC Command Center and MC Woohoo by deaderpool

If you’ve read any of my other mod suggestion articles, you know MC Command Center and often MC Woohoo are almost always included on the list. This is because they have so many useful features that enhance and improve pretty much every aspect of the game. In regards to pregnancy, with MC Command Center you can:

  • Customize the pregnancy duration (tutorial towards the end of the article)
  • Enable “pregnancy mood swings” which allows your pregnant sim to experience various pregnancy related moods
  • Start a new pregnancy for any sim with any partner without needing to woohoo or try for a baby first
  • End any pregnancy
  • Change or pause the pregnancy phase at any time
  • Alter the number of babies as well as choose the gender of babies for any active pregnancy
  • Turn on aging for pregnant sims

With MC Woohoo you can:

  • Enable autonomous Try for a Baby
  • Enable Risky Woohoo for surprise pregnancy possibility
  • Enable teen pregnancy

Wicked Whims (18+) by turbodriver

Wicked Whims is a sex mod, yes, but it’s so much more than nowadays. For the purpose of this article, let’s talk about what it can do for pregnancies:

  • There’s detailed menstrual and fertility cycles that determine when your sim can get pregnant. To keep track of their cycle, your female sims can take a fertility test using the toilet (just like the pregnancy test) or use the app in their phone.
  • If you’re not a fan of the menstrual cycle, you can use the simple pregnancy mode instead where a chance of pregnancy (percentage set by you) could result with each act of unprotected sex or even protected sex if you choose “Realistic Mode” in the birth control settings.
  • When your sim goes into labor, their “water breaks” and a puddle appears on the floor beneath them.

If you’re interested in using Wicked Whims but can do without all the autonomous sex stuff, check out my article, Making Wicked Whims a Little Less … Wicked, for a step-by-step guide to toning down the settings.

Slice of Life by kawaiistacie

This is another mod that comes up quite frequently here because it adds so much to gameplay. When it comes to pregnancy, there’s a chance your pregnant sim may experience various emotions related to pregnancy and once the baby’s born, the memory system kicks in to make sure both parents always remember that special day.

Pregnancy Overhaul by littlemssam

This mod does so much for pregnant sims and has a little something for all kinds of players. Some of the highlights include:

  • Smaller or larger pregnant bellies
  • Disabling the pregnant walk style
  • Unlocked interactions such as yoga, swimming and dancing for sims in their first and second trimesters
  • Optional add-on for the possibility of death after childbirth

Small Pregnancy Overhaul by bienchen83

This mod is a small one that comes with two packages. One that allows pregnant sims to age (you don’t need this if you have this setting enabled with MC Command Center) and another that adds a cute little idle where your pregnant sim randomly rubs her belly.

scroll down to or search for “smallpregnancyoverhaul”

Risky Woohoo and Try for Baby Chances by PolarBearSims

For those of you who don’t use MC Woohoo, this mod allows you to have risky woohoo and adds some other interesting additions such as: custom fertility levels for each sim, possibility of infertility and pregnancy difficulties for those who want even more realism with pregnancies.

Ultrasound Scan by littlemssam

I ALWAYS want to know the gender and number of babies before they’re born so I can start picking out names and decorating nurseries, but I hate having to cheat using MC Command Center. With this mod, once your sim reaches the second trimester, you can send them and their partner to the gynecologist (rabbit hole location) to find out the gender. When they return, about 1-2 sim hours later, the pregnant sim will have a copy of the ultrasound in their inventory that reveals both the gender and number of babies. It functions as an in-game photograph and can be hung on a wall. They even receive a special happy moodlet whenever they view it and copies can be made to give as gifts to relatives. The cost of the ultrasound visit is $75.

No Gender Chance (Pregnancy) by littlemssam

Prevents certain actions such as eating specific fruits or veggies and listening to specific music stations from influencing the gender of your sim’s child. Super helpful if you want to be surprised at the birth or if you just don’t want to end up with a house full of girls because mama has a thing for strawberries and pop music, lol.

Power Napping on Sofas by littlemssam

Pregnant sims get tired very easily, but unfortunately, just like in real life, they still have responsibilities to take care of. Most sims don’t have time for three-hour naps in the middle of the day, so this mod fills their energy up just enough to make them functional without ruining bedtime in only 30 sim minutes. Also useful for toddlers, who also need frequent naps during the day as well.

Parenting Skill for Teens and More by littlemssam

This one technically isn’t related to pregnancy but is important if you want to have teen pregnancies or if you have a teen in your household that helps care for younger siblings. Also unlocks parenting interactions for other family members such as: grandparents, cousins, step-siblings, aunts, uncles, etc…

Family Matters by bienchen83

Currently, a special happy moodlet is only given to the child’s other parent whenever the pregnant sim does the “share big news” interaction. I always thought it was odd that siblings or grandparents didn’t receive one as well. This mod changes that and allows everyone to be happy about the big news.

scroll down to or search for “familymatters”

For more mods for pregnancies and relationships, be sure to check out my other articles:

Customizing Pregnancies with MC Command Center

If you like to play with custom age spans, the default three day pregnancy length may feel a little too short. If that’s the case, you can customize this using MC Command Center to fit your needs.

To do this: Click on any computer then “MC Command Center”. From there, click on “MC Pregnancy” > “Other Pregnancy” > “Pregnancy Duration”. Here, you can enter the number of days that work best for you. I switch between three and six days based on the number of days I have set for YAs, just as an example.

Customizing Pregnancies with Wicked Whims

* Adult Content Begins Here *

I like a little realism when it comes to my sim’s pregnancies, so I use the menstrual cycle option in Wicked Whims to achieve this. Just like in real life, sims will have a menstrual cycle that determines their fertility levels and when they can get pregnant. You can customize this as well as the effectiveness of birth control for a “risky woohoo” kind of situation.

If you have Wicked Whims installed, menstrual cycles are usually enabled by default, but just in case they aren’t: click on any surface or sim, then click the “Wicked” option then “Settings”. From the main “Wicked Whims Settings” screen, click “Sex Settings” > “Pregnancy Settings” > “Pregnancy Mode” > “Menstrual Cycle”.

Sometimes, in real life, birth control can be a little tricky. If you want the same for your sims, you can customize the effectiveness of birth control when used. From the main “Pregnancy Settings” menu, click “Birth Control Mode” then choose “Realistic”. This is another option that is usually enabled by default, so if you don’t want any unplanned pregnancies on your hand, be sure to toggle on “Perfect Mode”.

These are just a few of my favorite ways to customize pregnancies that I hope you find useful for your game.

credits: littlemssam, biechen83, deaderpool, turbodrivr, polarbearsims, kawaiistacie (for their awesome and absolutely necessary mods!)

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