Summer Pop – A Reshade Preset

A simple, bright and colorful preset suitable for gameplay and designed with black/sims of color in mind.

After upgrading to my new PC, I unintentionally started working on a new Reshade preset and came up with this one — a simple, bright and colorful preset suitable for gameplay and designed with black/sims of color in mind. Y’all seemed to really like it when I posted the WIP pictures on Tumblr so I’m sharing it now 😊

If you’re new to Reshade, check out this step-by-step guide that takes you all the way from installation to in game set up.

Unedited Photos (Just Reshade & that’s it!)

Things you should know:

  • This preset was designed with Reshade 4.8.2 but should work with any 4.0 series. The newest version of Reshade can be found here.
  • These photos were shot with the Twinkle Toes lighting mod installed during the Summer season on a clear, warm afternoon.

Installation Info:

  • You need the qUINT MXAO shader (you may have already installed this during your Reshade 4.8 installation. You can check your Shaders folder to see if you’re not sure).
  • You need Full Bloom MultiLut by @pictureamoebae. Check out this tutorial if you’re not sure how to download/install this.
  • Turn off Edge Smoothing (this preset does this for you) so that DOF will work properly.

Toggle Keys:

  • DOF: Caps Lock
  • MXAO: Num Key 4
  • Fake HDR: Num Key 9
  • MultiLut: Num Key 6

* To make the preset gameplay friendly, I recommend toggling off MXAO and DOF.


  • Many users have reported having an issue where the mouse is ultra sensitive after installing Reshade. This doesn’t have anything to do with this preset or this specific version of Reshade but is a glitch caused by a setting in Origin. To fix this, open Origin > Application Settings > Origin In Game then switch off ‘Enable Origin’ in game and your problem should be solved.
  • Let me know if you have any issues and I’ll try to get them resolved for you.


  • Don’t re-upload
  • Don’t claim as yours
  • Enjoy!

Oh, and if you use this preset in your posts please let me know @mellindi on Tumblr. I would love to see ❤

Choose your download below:

Reshade 4.8 preset | Reshade 5.2 preset | Gshade preset

Lot used in the photos is: Fruit & Ficus Restaurant by me!
*pool pictured is not included

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