Taking Good Shots: Love Scenes

Some tips and tricks for shooting love/sex scenes along with a resource I find useful for this kind of writing.

This post contains images/content that Google does not approve of, so to read the full tutorial, click here.

I say this all the time but I’ll say it again for good measure — I am in no way an expert on photography. In fact, I’ve never taken any classes or read any technical books on the subject. I am, however, a HUGE fan of good cinematography and I spend a great deal of time not only watching TV but paying close attention to things like camera angles, scene set ups, even the choice in music for scene transitions. I’ve also spent the last few years writing and posting sim stories which rely heavily on visual storytelling. With that being said, I try to take what I’ve learned from all this media I’ve consumed and use some of the same techniques in the visual part of my own stories (which I hope is more apparent in my newer stories, lol). I’m hoping that by sharing the things I keep in mind while “filming”, in this tutorial, I can help someone else who isn’t quite sure where to get started with love scenes — and by love scenes — I mean sex scenes! My favorite kind of scenes to shoot!

Why are they my favorite, you may ask? Because love scenes are usually about more than just the act of sex itself and serve some type of narrative purpose (ie: emotional vulnerability of one/both of the characters, the shift in their relationship triggered by this act, etc…) that you may not have gotten to portray had we skipped over it. Being able to show these intimate parts of our characters, gives us as writers/directors so much to work with that can really push our stories to the next level!

Now, I’m not saying that all love scenes have to serve as some huge life altering event in a story, I mean… sometimes people have sex just because… it’s fun, lol, but even if they aren’t of the world-shattering-variety, I think the things we go over here will still be useful.

Things used in this tutorial:

Reshade 4.8.2
Summer Pop Reshade Preset by me
Wicked Whims by Turbodriver (18+)
Wicked Whims Animations by KikiChain (18+)
Kiss Me II Pose by Sciophobis

Just in case you missed the warning at the top, this post contains images/content that Google does not approve of, so to read the full tutorial, click here.

Additional Information

If you would like to learn more about writing and filming sex scenes, check out this site. They provide some really useful information along with examples!

And that concludes our tutorial for the day. I hope this helps you make your next love scene an awesome one!


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