Coachella 2022

The girls head out to participate in the Simblr Coachella event.

One thing I really love about the Simblr (Sims community on Tumblr) community are the events put together by simmers. It’s so fun to see everyone come together, and share their own creative spin on another’s idea.

I’m always late to the party, lol, so I don’t do a whole lot of these, but the Coachella event just happened to come around when I had some downtime. In the story’s universe, I’m 105% positive going to this was Cassandra’s idea. Jesminder loves a good girls’ night (and a good drink) so she was on board from the jump. Camilla, though, needed some convincing that one night away from Amir wouldn’t kill her (since she’s neck-deep in the honeymoon phase of their new relationship) but in the end, they had a great night.

Y’all know I love sharing the goodies I find, so below are a few links to the things they’re wearing:

Jesminder’s Look:

hair / earrings / necklace / top / bottoms / nails

Camilla’s Look:

hair / top / bottoms / nails / iphone

Cassandra’s Look:

hair + ombre accessory / earrings / necklace / nose ring / top (by babytears but I can’t find it!)/ bottoms / nails

If you’d like to see other simmers’ looks and performances, check out the #coachellecollective2022 tag on Tumblr.

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During one of my more recent CC shopping sprees, I stumbled across this hair and this outfit, and just knew I had to get Camilla in it.

During one of my more recent CC shopping sprees, I stumbled across this hair and this outfit, and just knew I had to get Camilla in it. Now, her style is nothing like this. I would actually categorize it more as ‘cute’ than ‘sexy’, but I figured she wouldn’t mind making an exception for a little photoshoot.

If you’re interested in the items pictured in this post, check out the links below:

outfit / hair / eyeliner/shadow / nails

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Moving Day

A little photoshoot of Camilla on how I imagine she thought she would feel on her moving day, lol.

I imagine that when Camilla moved to Atwood, she felt a lot more optimistic that she does in the story at the present time. This photoshoot represents that optimism.

I also gave alpha hair another shot for this shoot (its been years since I’ve downloaded any with the exception of braided styles) and I think it turned out super cute and worked really well with all the drawn in hair strands. Links for the hair, outfit and U-haul truck below:

Angele Hair | Loose Cardigan | U-haul Truck (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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