Sticker Boxes – A Recolor

A recolor of the Sticker Storage boxes from Eco Lifestyle.

In all of my gameplays I get a ton of use out of those little storage boxes that came with Eco Lifestyle and by a ton, I mean a LOT! Since I use different boxes for different things I needed more designs to match it’s use. For those of you who have not tried out these boxes and have no idea why I love them so much, I’ll explain. These storage boxes act as their own individual inventory system. Unlike bookshelves and refrigerators, they don’t share inventories with anything else so you can literally have several for different things! Want a box for all those seeds those gnomes leave all over the place during Harvestfest? You got it! Want another for your collection of snow globes? Got that too! Need somewhere to store of all the adventure gear you have left over from your last jungle adventure? Mhm hmm!

If you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.


— 72 swatches (that hopefully provides enough variety for all of your needs!
— Eco Lifestyle is required since this is just a recolor
— Search [mellindi] in the catalog to easily find them


  • Don’t re-upload or claim as yours
  • Can include in builds as long as they are 100% free (so commissions or early access — no)
  • Enjoy!
Pack icons used are from various sets by L’UniversSims

Download (click the link and file will download automatically)

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House Download: Little Lime

I had a request to share this little house that I’m using in Camilla’s gameplay save so here you go! It’s unfurnished cause apparently I did use more CC than I intended and don’t really have time to hunt down all those links. This one does use a few pieces of CC though which you can find linked below:


  • Tier 3 Tiny Home
  • 1 bed/1 bath
  • $26,250
  • 20×15 Lot Size
  • Required packs: Tiny Living, Outdoor Retreat, Get Together, Backyard Stuff, University, Jungle Adventure, Island Living (I have all the packs but these are the ones I know offhand)

Required CC:

ranch windows / wall shingles / lofte living / wall siding / trees & shrubs (included)
I also use these terrain replacements that edit the appearance of the grass and flooring that you see in the first photo. It’s not required but recommended if you want the exact same look in your game.


direct download | simfileshare (alt – no ads)
Or on the Gallery; Origin Id: mellocakesmakes (will upload once the Gallery starts working for me again)

If you are new to custom content and need help downloading/installing, check out this guide.

Notes: If you use it in your photos, please tag me on Tumblr @mellindi, I would love to see.
Also, in the Gallery, be sure to check the “include custom content” box so it’ll show up. If there is anything missing, please let me know!


You Can Have Roommates in Sims 4?!

A step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Roommate Mod by LittleMsSam.

Yes! Yes you can! With a mod anyway and if you’re anything like me and love playing with mods, this is one you’ll definitely want to add to your collection.

Discover University released with a roommates feature which is awesome, but this mod works a little differently and allows you to have roommates that aren’t so needy.

Note for Beginners: If you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.

For easier reading, jump to the desired section using the links below:

Recommended Mods
Recommended Lots
Finding Roommates
Getting Rid of Roommates
Additional Tips
Adjusting Bills Percentage with MCCC

I’ve been playing with this mod in my current save for a little while now and spent so much time boasting about it on Tumblr that I decided to put together this little how-to-guide for those of you wanting to give it a try. I honestly don’t think I could go back to “single family” living after playing this way. Littlemssam did an awesome job at providing all of the important information regarding the mod so I just want to add a few things I picked up on during my gameplay that makes things a little easier for me.

Before you get started, you’ll need to download the Roommates mod by littlemssam as well as the (optional) but recommended mods listed below. These mods are not absolutely necessary but will help make your sim’s experience living with roommates so much better. The best part is that all of the mods listed below also help with a few other annoying things in regular gameplay too so they’re worth keeping around.

Recommended Mods:

  • MC Command Center – makes everything in the game so much better with error catching, story progression and so many other options to customize your game the way you want. Will be used in this guide
  • Unlock/Lock Doors for Chosen Sims – Grant access to rooms/houses for only the sims you want. Similar to the lock/unlock feature already in the game but so, so much better. Will be used in this guide
  • Ask to Cook/Bake/Grill/Mix Drinks – allows your sim to ask others to do the cooking for them. I sometimes use this mod with my legacy families to ask Grandma to help cook for Harvestfest or other family events
  • Choose who you Call to Meal – this one is also super helpful with this mod in particular because there will be other sims living on your lot making it difficult to call only your household/guests to meals. This mod makes that possible
  • No Gardening Club Harvesting – this one is useful if you plan to have your sims live on a lot with a large garden and form a club with their roommates (more on that later). Also worth keeping if you play with sims who are members of a gardening club.
  • Visitor Notifications – Provides a little pop up whenever someone knocks on your door. Helpful in any gameplay but especially this one where other sims are frequently roaming your lot.

Recommended Lots:

Technically, any lot with more than one bedroom could be used for a roommate living situation but I’ve listed a few below that I have in my game that I think fits perfectly with this mod:

Finding Roommates

Now that you have your sim created, lot picked out and are all moved in, you’re ready to find some roommates.

Note: Sims must be “homeless” (currently not living in world) to be eligible to become roommates so make sure they aren’t living somewhere already and if they are, move them out. Also, be sure to favorite (heart) their households in “Manage Households” so they don’t end up getting culled by the game at some point. You can have up to 20 roommates, including children and pets (as long as their owners are also roommates).

In Live Mode, have your sim call up the “LMS Roommate Service”, using their phone.

A dialog box will pop open listing all sims eligible to become roommates. If you don’t see the sim(s) you want listed, check in “Manage Households” from the Map View to make sure they are in fact “homeless”. Once your roommates are selected, you’ll get a pop up letting you know they are on the way.

In build mode, be sure to add the “Roommate Lot Trait”. This tells roommates to come back home whenever they leave for work or other activities, otherwise, your sim will have to call them back manually via their phone.

Note: Before they arrive, be sure set your sim’s door as the front door so that visitors will know which door to knock on (roommates don’t get visitors).

Once they begin arriving, lock any doors, using the pie menu from the Unlock/Lock Doors for Chosen Sims mod, that you don’t want them to have access to. In my save, I locked my sim’s door for everyone except her (this can be adjusted later on for partners, family, friends who don’t live on the lot) and locked her out of all the other houses (because things get pretty confusing when she tries to use sinks or toilets in her roommates’ spaces).

Note: Roommates will wander in and out of each other’s houses which I’m fine with cause they seem to enjoy each other’s company and on top of that, they work together to keep the place clean.

Next, assign them beds. Like I mentioned above, they will wander in and out of each other’s houses but if you assign them a bed, they’ll always sleep there whenever they’re tired. Couples can be assigned the same bed so don’t worry about any issues there.

Roommates all come with a special pie menu that your sim can use to make them take care of themselves and other things that need attention on the property:

  • Can you go and repair the broken items please?
  • You stink, please go and take a shower.
  • It is late already, you should go to sleep.
  • Go and use the toilet before you pee yourself.
  • You are on cleaning duty!
  • Cancel roommate agreement

They tend to do really well in the self-care department but I did have one sim wait a little too long to go to the bathroom so just know the options are there in case you need them.

Getting Rid of Roommates:

If things aren’t working out as well as you’d hope, you can cancel the roommate agreement at any time via your sim’s phone (quickest way to get rid of everyone) or the roommate’s pie menu directly on the sim.


Here are a few things I learned during my gameplay that can help you out when playing with this mod:

  • Clubs are the perfect way to get free labor – I had my sim form a club with all of her roommates where the primary tasks are cleaning, gardening, repairing and friendly interactions (so they can get to know each other easier). I usually start a gathering once a day while my sim is performing her work tasks (don’t judge me, we have promotions to earn!) and they take care of everything except her house since I keep the door locked. If your lot has a large garden, I recommend downloading the No Gardening Club Harvesting mod because they will harvest your produce and there’s no way to get it back!
  • Sometimes roommates get lost – Sometimes, when my sim leaves the lot for an extended period of time, like 24 hours, roommates don’t respawn. Upon returning to the lot, I typically wait a few hours to see if they show up. If they don’t, just cancel the roommate agreement and set up a new one. Sometimes when you cancel the agreement the game will automatically move them into empty households. If you try to set up a new agreement and you don’t see them listed as available sims, then this is probably what happened. Just evict them from their new houses then try again.
  • Double rent – Roommates pay you $500 rent every Friday. If you have a married couple living on the lot, they will each pay $500. Not sure about children but the same happened when I had a dog living on the property. Guess, he was responsible for his own room and board, lol.
  • Bills may get more expensive – Large lots like this one are extremely expensive and even with each roommate paying rent, your sim will still end up paying the bulk of it, so I use MC Command Center to adjust the percentage of the bills to make things more affordable. To find out how to do this, see below:

Adjusting Bills Percentage with MCCC:

Click any computer on any lot to bring up the “MC Command Center” pie menu and click “MCCC Settings”

Click “Money Settings” then “Change Bills Percent”. This is where you can change the amount of the bills. As you can see, I set mine at -80% which brought the household bills down from close to $8000 to close to $2000. This won’t give you an exact amount for your bills but you can make a rough guesstimate as to what the outcome will be. The changes will take effect immediately and be reflected on your next week’s bills.

Note: If bills were already delivered for the week, it won’t change it. You’ll just have to pay it then wait for the next week’s bills to see the new amount.

And you’ve reached the end of this guide. I hope you found it useful!

Credits: littlemssam, manxcat, bravesim, jenba, peacemaker (for their amazing mods and builds)

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