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Who’s Camilla?

A twenty-something year old, fresh out of college and on her own for the first time in San Myshuno. Although life becomes really complicated, really quickly, she learns a couple of life lessons while gaining life long friends in the process.
The stories posted here follow her life and all of the events that took place after her big move.

As mentioned on each story’s homepage, Camilla in San Myshuno began as a gameplay that over time, turned into a story. Because I love the characters and the overall premise of the story, I wanted the opportunity to do it right so I’m doing it over, from the beginning but this time with a fully fleshed out plot and characters.
The new story, Camilla – Vol. 1: Impulse, is airing now.
For more info and to read the story, check out the homepage.

The Cast

The Stories

Please be aware that this story contains adult content/themes such as profanity, sexual situations (not graphic, but still suggestive), pregnancy and abortion. All episodes including sexual situations have the “18+” tag on them. Please skip if it’s not your thing or you’re under 18.


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